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CABLE CLIPS – Push Mount Short Style with Arrowhead Prong

Product Description

These Short Cable Clips with an Arrowhead Prong are a perfect choice for low-profile applications where cables must have freedom of movement. The arrowhead prong snap-locks the saddle into a .138" diameter hole in a .063" panel, and allows the saddle to rotate in its mounting hole. This reduces strain on moving cables. Commonly called, “Wire Saddles,” these cable clips are ideal for routing wires or fiber optic cable, providing easy top-load insertion and protection from abrasion.

Features & Benefits
  • Free-to-rotate mounting base.
  • Two material choices: UL 94V-2, or V-O.
  • Little stress on fiber when inserted.
  • Low profile applications.
  • Routes wires and cables.
  • Protects wires and cables from abrasion.
Applications: Fiber Optics, Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications
Material: Nylon 6/6
Flammability Rating: 94V-2 or 94V-0
Color: Natural.
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EFC Part Number Wire Capacity (in / mm)Overall Height (in / mm)FootprintMounting Hole DiameterFlammability Standard
20423532 x .16 / 8.1 x 3.9.36 / 9.1.16 x .43 / 4.0 x 10.8.138 / 3.594V-2
204235F32 x .16 / 8.1 x 3.9.36 / 9.1.16 x .43 / 4.0 x 10.8.138 / 3.594V-0

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