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LATCHES - Ball Stud Receivers – Spring Catches

Product Description

Spring Catches, also called Ball Stud Receivers, were originally developed for latching aircraft access doors, inspection panels, sealing strips and other similar assemblies that require repeated disengagement. Due to their versatility, they are now used extensively in other fields from securing kitchen cabinet doors to removable toe plates to electronic cabinets to protective covers, and more.

Features & Benefits

The Ball Stud Receiver affords no direct contact between the stud and panel surfaces. It prevents paint and porcelain wear or chipping that could result in corrosion. Serrated Spring Catches are ideal where adjustability or wide latching ranges are required. They are used mainly for attaching compressed materials such as rubber, fabric, and insulation. When latched, the spring legs of these clips bear inward on the stud and snugly hold the latched unit against the panel.

  • MATERIALS: Heat-treated spring steel; stainless steel is optional.
  • Studs are low carbon steel unless otherwise specified.
  • Various finishes are available.

Please contact an EFC International Representative for additional information.

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EFC Part Number Mounting Hole DiameterPull Out ForceMaterial Thickness
01030029-06Q.13512 / 13.022
01030016-06Q.1353.5 / 5.012
01061033-06Q.10518 / 24.028
01262039-01Q.18818 / 24.028
01061018-06Q.1053.5 / 5.012
01061006-02Q.14518 / 24.028
01071009-06Q.14017 / 18.020
01030036-06Q.13518 / 24.028
01030016-06Q.1358 / 9.017
01061035-24Q.10530 / 30.031
01061022-06Q.1058 / 9.017
01061009-01Q.14530 / 30.031
70002273.1453.5 / 5.012
01030048-00Q.13518 / 24.028
01030047-00Q.1358 / 9.017
01030016-24Q.1353.5 / 5.012
01061032-06Q.10512 / 13.022
01243045-00Q.15650-65 / 40.031
01060045-01Q.1458 / 9.017
01030042-06Q.13530 / 30.031

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