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NUTS - SELF-RETAINING THREADED - U-Nut 5-Prong Prevailing Torque

Product Description
Single Thread High-Torque U-Nuts are equally at home on metal or plastic. These unique fasteners bring extra strength, reliability and economy wherever vibration, impact, or migration prevail.

They accept power driven screws readily, discourage cross-threading, won't clog with paint or freeze to screw threads. They are self-retaining over a wide range of panel thicknesses, yet permit trouble-free removal. Unusually high clamp loads are attainable. Prevailing torque is inherent in the design.

Features & Benefits

Example Applications:

  1. Dual threads provide prevailing torque - extra strength
  2. Cross threading eliminated
  3. Self-retained
  4. Generous lead lips - fast, easy assembly
  5. No "freezing" to threads
  6. Will not clog with paint
  7. Self-locking
  8. Removable, reusable
  9. High quality finishes - corrosion resistant
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Grouped product items
EFC Part Number Screw SizePanel ThicknessThroat DistanceHole DiameterWidthLengthSAP NumberOEM Part Number
01450190-3963M4.2 x 1.413.800 / 1.80014.0008.33013.77025.200137621000-
70002709M4.2 x 1.414.000 / 1.8008.7008.00013.60018.400-
01500704-65M4.2 x 1.412.900 / 2.4008.0006.75014.00018.500137736000-
01500069-3252QM4.2 x .5001.800 / 0.5007.9208.33013.78019.500137607000W704277
01500480-3963M4.2 x 1.411.000 / 0.5008.7008.00013.60018.400-
01449466-963QM4.2 x 1.414.000 / 1.8008.7008.00013.60018.400-
01449467-3963M4.2 x 1.412.900 / 2.4008.0006.75014.00018.50013764300022603042
01500069-450QM4.2 x .5001.800 / 0.5007.9208.33013.78019.500137607009W704277-S439
01500885-450M4.2 x 1.411.200 / 0.80014.0008.33013.77025.200137900000W710815-S439
01449466-3963M4.2 x 1.414.000 / 1.8008.7008.00013.60018.4001373600013532814
01449025-3963M4.2 x 1.413.800 / 1.8007.9008.30013.78019.500137608000-

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