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Product Description

These high quality Regular Round Rubber Bumpers are constructed in a closed mold through transfer molding, a process that combines the values of compression and injection molding.

Bumpers created through transfer molding enable customers to develop their specialized parts with product consistency, reduced cycle times, superior control over part flashing and reduced finishing times. Parts produced in this manner also fulfill customer expectations with:

  • tighter tolerances
  • dimensional stability
  • superb finishes
  • short cycle times
  • high-automation capabilities
  • rapid prototyping
  • fast production mold times
  • quick material changes, and
  • proprietary engineering technologies.
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Features & Benefits

Optimized for higher volume production runs, these Regular Round Bumpers can be customized to meet specifications calling for

  • 16 types of rubber including a wide array of combinations
  • 15 resistance/endurance testing types with endless variations
  • volume swell, and
  • temperature testing.
Rubber Bumpers are used in automotive, marine, communications & electronics, lawn & garden, furniture and sporting goods applications to name a few. Common uses of Rubber Bumpers include: anti-rattle, closure, doors, stops, drawers, pool cue tips, feet, vibration isolators, and more.

The Bumpers displayed are typical, yet not limited to any range of manufacturing. Existing tooling may also be used. In addition, EFC sales engineers can assist customers with design and material selection from concept to prototyping through production tooling and on-time part delivery.

For more information or to order a specialized part, please contact EFC at 1-800-888-3326.

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