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SCREWS for Plastics - DELTA PT®

Product Description

DELTA PT® SCREWS optimize thread forming in plastic materials to

  • minimize stress
  • reduce boss size and
  • increase fastening integrity.
The Delta PT thin thread technology for thermoplastics features a newly-designed multi compound 30° flank geometry to provide optimal material flow. Used in a wide range of thermoplastic materials, Delta PT screws offer the following advantages:
  • Better clamp loads
  • Increased joint life
  • Improved vibrational safety
  • Improved dynamic safety by new shear area
  • Higher clamp load at smaller contact pressure
  • Increased flank engagement
Configurations available:
  • Diameters - 1.8mm to 10mm
  • Length - 3mm – 100mm
  • Head Styles - Any
  • Recommended Drives - TORX Plus®, TORX®, ACR®, Phillips II®, Phillips Square-Driv®, Quadrex®, Type 1A, Type 1 (click on chart of drives under image)
Features & Benefits
Stocking Program
EFC stocks the following select parts:
25S9000435-FD1Δ40-1.46X12 FORD S424 120Hrs Salt Spray
25S9000436-FD1 Δ40-1.46X16 FORD S424 120Hrs Salt Spray
25S3000319-G29 Δ50-1.80X12 GMW4205 480Hrs Salt Spray
25S9000437-G18 Δ50-1.80X14 GMW4205 480Hrs Salt Spray
25S3000397-FD4 Δ50-1.80X16 FORD S437 384Hrs Salt Spray
25S9000439-FD4 Δ60-2.14X25 FORD S437 384Hrs Salt Spray
Click “Buy Online” below to purchase low minimum quantities immediately, or contact an EFC Representative at 1-800-888-3326.

  • Stress is minimized on plastic host
  • Joint Life - Increased in both static & dynamic stress
  • Strength - Torsional & Tensional improve by up to 50% for the same nominal diameter
  • Shorter fasteners and smaller diameters
  • Load Distribution - increased head diameter
  • Eliminate Inserts
Calculation Program
Delta Calc is a program that can calculate a foregoing dimensioning of the joint. This program aids in the dimensioning of the fastener and assists you in determining the load carrying ability and forecasted life of the joint. Contact an EFC Representative to learn how Delta Calc can benefit your current applications.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizePitch MaxThread LengthDriveHead TypeMajor DiaMaterialFinishAutomotive FinishOEM Part Number
25S9000436-FD1D401.4616TORXRound Washer4SteelORG ZNC /Oil/EcoatS424-
25S9000547-FD4D401.4612TORXRound Washer-SteelZincS437W790251-S437
253000193-G19D301.1212T10 TORX RecessRound Washer3Steel.00015 E-ZNC TRIV CR2GMW 3044-
25S3000424-FD9D501.816Rounded HEX SW7HEX Washer5SteelORG ZincS307-
25S3000582-FD4D301.1210TORXRound Washer-SteelZincS437W506922-S437
25S9000437-100XBD501.814TORXRound Washer5SteelZinc Nickel-11611224 - 06510342AA
25S3000593-97D501.810TORX PLUS 25IPPAN Recess5ST1018-ST10B22 STL.0005 ZNC Bake CLR TRIV CR2--
25S9000434-FD1D451.6320Unslotted HEXHEX Washer4.5ST1018 TO ST10B22ORG ZNC + WAXS424-
253000013-06D401.4512TORX PLUSPAN4SteelZinc--
253000377-EFCD602.1420TORX T40PAN6SSChrome Flash-A 000 990 3262
25S9000485-FD38D401.4610TORXRound Washer-Steel-S451W506942-S451
253000375-CH26D501.820TORX T25PAN SEM5SteelKL 100 W/ Delta Seal Topcoat--
25S3000365-35D301.1212TORX PLUS T0IPPAN3Steel.0003 ZNCS307-
25S3000397-FD4D501.816TORX Recess T25Round Washer5ST1022/ ST10B21E-ZN TRIV CR2 LUBS437-
25S3000319-G29D501.812TORXRound Washer5SteelZincGMW420511611223
25S3000593-S450BD501.810TORX PLUS 25IPPAN Recess5ST1018-ST10B22 STLZinc NickelS450-Black-
25S3000318-G19D401.4513TORXRound Washer4SteelElectro ZNCGMW 304411611180
25S9000435-FD1D401.4612TORXRound Washer4SteelORG ZNC /Oil/EcoatS424-
25S9000439-FD4D602.1425TORXRound Washer6SteelZincS437-
253000193-G18D301.1212T10 TORX RecessRound Washer3Steel.0008 ZNC BakeGMW 4205-
25S3000397-FD7D501.816TORX Recess T25Round Washer5ST1022/ ST10B21MAGNI 565S439 / MAGNI 565-
25S9000437-G18D501.814TORXRound Washer5SteelZinc NickelGMW 4205-
25S3000593-FD34D501.810TORX PLUS 25IPPAN Recess5ST1018-ST10B22 STLDelta PROTEKT KL100/Delta PROTEKT VH 302 GZS442-

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