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INSERTS - S-Type Captive Threaded Stud

Product Description

S-Type Captive Threaded Stud Inserts function like the Knurled Blind Threaded Inserts, but leave a threaded stud protruding from the panel after installation. Components can then be attached and secured by a mating nut. These studs can be used in place of clinch or weld studs, before or after finish. Optional head designs include a weathertight PVC foam sealed head, or a wedged head for more torque capabilities.

As these are installed, the knurled body expands 360° to fill the hole, creating exceptional torque strength and resistance to vibration. A backside flange is also formed, even in multiple thicknesses of materials without any need for adjustments. These inserts are to be used with Grade 5 or Metric 8.8/9.8 non thread-locking type nuts.

Most sizes are available in Standard, Sealed and Wedged head features. Sizes listed on this page are a representative sampling of materials and finishes. Please contact EFC International for sizes, materials or designs not shown.

Features & Benefits
  • Protruding Stud holds component parts until final assembly
  • Exceptional Torque Strength 360º hole fill
  • Quality Installation even in variable thickness material is assured with special tools available directly from EFC International
  • No Paint Masking - can be installed after painting
  • Corrosion Resistance - standard zinc/yellow dichromate finish (96 hrs. salt spray to white corrosion). Other finishes are available upon request.
  • Weathertight - Optional PVC Foam Seal under the head
  • Wedged Head increases torque capability, especially in soft or thin materials is ideal for electrical grounding applications.
For information on corresponding pneumatic or hydraulic tools available, please contact EFC International at 1-800-888-3326.

Hole Size: +.006 -.000in (+0.15 -0.00mm) (HD) - ±.010in (±0.25mm) (HH) - ±.003in (±0.08mm) (L) - ±.020in (±0.50mm)

*Note: Grip Range can be affected by parent material density and actual hole size. Trial Installations are recommended to determine optimum grip.

  • Shell - 1010/1008 Steel
  • Stud - 1038 Steel
  • Zinc Trivalent Chromate - RoHS compliant
  • Tin-Zinc Trivalent Chromate - RoHS compliant
  • Zinc/Yellow Dichromate per ASTM-B-633 Type II Fe/Zn (.0003/8u) with Clear Protective Coating
  • Yellow Tin Zinc per BPS-TZ-327 (.0003/8u) with Clear Protective Coating
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EFC Part Number Thread SizeThread Call OutGrip RangeGrip Call OutStud LengthMtg HoleHead ODHead HeightLengthMax (D)IL MaxFinishMat-Fin
06ASS9632807506-32632.020 - .08080.750.265.390.030.485.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9103222553010-321032.130 - .225225.530.296.415.030.655.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700334-96M5 X 0.8580.50 - 3.303.320.007.6010.54.7613.847.529.65Zinc Trivalent ChromateS3T
06700072-06Q1/4-20420.027 - .1651651.000.390.500.030.670.390.465Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS95183124635/16-18518.150 - .312312.463.531.685.035.925.530.555Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9103213062510-321032.020 - .130130.625.296.415.030.545.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9101579209M10 X 1.510153.80 - 7.907.920.9013.5017.40.8923.5013.4613.60Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9470212M4 X 0.7470.50 - Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9812579119M8 X 1.2581253.80 - 7.907.911.9013.5017.40.8923.5013.4614.10Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
0660394-06Q5/16-18518.027 - .150150.625.531.685.035.810.530.600Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS98321305758-32832.080 - .130130.575.265.390.030.535.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS910153825M10 X 1.51015.70 - 3.803.825.0013.5017.40.8920.5713.4615.24Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
0620ASS947033137M4 X 0.74702.00 - 3.303.313.706.759.91.7613.596.739.15Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS981253816M8 X 1.258125.70 - 3.803.816.0013.5017.40.8920.5713.4615.24Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9832806258-32832.020 - .08080.625.265.390.030.485.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9812579179M8 X 1.2581253.80 - 7.907.917.9013.5017.40.8923.5013.4614.10Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
70000498M4 X 0.7470.50 - Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
70000502M6 X 16104.20 - 6.606.612.6010.0012.70.7619.569.9111.81Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
700005033/8-16616.150 - .312312.588.531.685.035.925.530.535Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS9632806256-32632.020 - .08080.625.265.390.030.485.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06000348-06Q10-241024.020 - .130130.750.296.415.030.545.296.380Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06700318-07M6 X 1610.70 - Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06000330-04Q3/8-16616.027 - .150150.750.531.685.035.810.530.600Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS96321304506-32632.080 - .130130.450.265.390.030.535.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9103222565510-321032.130 - .225225.655.296.415.030.655.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS95805796M5 X 0.85803.30 - 5.705.79.607.6010.54.7616.647.529.65Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS94202605301/4-20420.165 - .260260.530.390.500.030.770.390.465Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS95183127135/16-18518.150 - .312312.713.531.685.035.925.530.555Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9103213075010-321032.020 - .130130.750.296.415.030.545.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9101579259M10 X 1.510153.80 - 7.907.925.9013.5017.40.8923.5013.4613.60Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS3T5803312M5 X 0.8580.50 - 3.303.312.007.6010.54.7613.847.529.65Zinc Trivalent ChromateS3T
06600386-07Q1/4-20420.027 - .165165.625.390.500.030.670.390.465Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS95181508755/16-18518.027 - .150150.875.531.685.035.810.530.600Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700278-114Q8-32832.080 - .130130.700.265.390.030.535.265.360Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS910153830M10 X 1.51015.70 - 3.803.830.0013.5017.40.8920.5713.4615.24Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS947033187M4 X 0.74702.00 - 3.303.318.706.759.91.7613.596.739.15Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS981253822M8 X 1.258125.70 - 3.803.822.0013.5017.40.8920.5713.4615.24Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9832807508-32832.020 - .08080.750.265.390.030.485.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9812579239M8 X 1.2581253.80 - 7.907.923.9013.5017.40.8923.5013.4614.10Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
0620ASS9470220M4 X 0.7470.50 - Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700341-114M6 X 16104.20 - 6.606.617.6010.0012.70.7619.569.9111.81Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS96163128383/8-16616.150 - .312312.838.531.685.035.925.530.535Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700277-114Q6-32632.080 - .130130.700.265.390.030.535.265.360Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS9102422540510-241024.130 - .225225.405.296.415.030.655.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700198-07QM6 X 1610.70 - Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06600384-06Q3/8-16616.027 - .1501501.000.531.685.035.810.530.600Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS96321305756-32632.080 - .130130.575.265.390.030.535.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9102413050010-241024.020 - .130130.500.296.415.030.545.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS958057126M5 X 0.85803.30 - 5.705.712.607.6010.54.7616.647.529.65Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS94202607181/4-20420.165 - .260260.717.390.500.030.770.390.465Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700137-07Q5/16-18518.150 - .312312.963.531.685.035.925.530.555Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS9103222540510-321032.130 - .225225.405.296.415.030.655.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700326-07M5 X 0.8580.50 - 3.303.315.007.6010.54.7613.847.529.65Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06000352-00Q1/4-20420.027 - .165165.812.390.500.030.670.390.465Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06700118-00Q5/16-18518.027 - .1501501.125.531.685.035.810.530.600Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06700307-07Q10-321032.020 - .130130.500.296.415.030.545.296.380Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS9101579159M10 X 1.510153.80 - 7.907.915.9013.5017.40.8923.5013.4613.60Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS9102422565510-241024.130 - .225225.655.296.415.030.655.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS981253828M8 X 1.258125.70 - 3.803.828.0013.5017.40.8920.5713.4615.24Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700329-073/8-16616.150 - .3123121.088.531.685.035.925.530.535Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS98321304508-32832.080 - .130130.450.265.390.030.535.265.360Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS910153820M10 X 1.51015.70 - 3.803.820.0013.5017.40.8920.5713.4615.24Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
0620ASS947033107M4 X 0.74702.00 - 3.303.310.706.759.91.7613.596.739.15Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS961066226M6 X 16104.20 - 6.606.622.6010.0012.70.7619.569.9111.81Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
700005048-32832.020 - .08080.500.265.390.030.485.265.360Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS9102422553010-241024.130 - .225225.530.296.415.030.655.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06700300-06QM6 X 1610.70 - Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS961615012503/8-16616.027 - .1501501.250.531.685.035.810.530.600Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06000337-046-32632.020 - .08080.500.265.390.030.485.265.360Zinc/Yellow Dichromate w/Clear CoatingS4
06ASS9102413062510-241024.020 - .130130.625.296.415.030.545.296.380Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS958057176M5 X 0.85803.30 - 5.705.717.607.6010.54.7616.647.529.65Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9
06ASS94202609051/4-20420.165 - .260260.905.390.500.030.770.390.465Yellow Tin Zinc w/Clear CoatingS9

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