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NUTS - Plastic and Metal - Helicoid Retaining Cage Nuts

Product Description

These Plastic and Metal Cage Nuts are helicoid retaining nuts especially suited for the automotive industry. They are mounted directly on the equipment complete with their screw. The cage is made from Polyamide 66 and the nut is plated steel.

Features & Benefits
  • Pre-mount the cage nut on the accessory piece
  • Insert the cage nut into the hole in the substrate
  • Position the assembly
  • As the nut is tightened, it will ascend and turn 90° until it rests against the panel.
  • Cage: Nylon 66
  • Nut: Steel with Zinc Bi-Chromate finish
  • Cage: Natural
  • Nut: Yellow
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EFC Part Number Screw SizePanel Range Min in / mm (P)Panel Range Max in / mm (P)Panel Hole Diameter-Mounting Hole in / mm (M)Panel Hole Diameter-Mounting Hole in / mm (N)Tightening torque (pound-force foot)Tightening torque (Nm)
30MP8236AM6.027 / 0.70.098 / 2.50.637 / 16.20.637 / 10.208.812.00**

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