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Product Description
Floating clinch nuts provide a self-clinching fastener with a floating nut that compensates for mating misalignments to 0.030 inches (.8 mm) and provides prevailing torque for the mating screw equivalent to MIL-N-250-27 specifications.

All self-clinching fasteners install into a round hole, which may be punched or drilled in ductile materials. They provide a permanently attached fastener, which becomes an integral part of the panel or frame and eliminates the problems associated with loose hardware. Self-Clinching fasteners provide added value by speeding initial assembly as well as servicing in the field, keeping costs to a minimum.

Features & Benefits
Self-clinching fasteners are pressed into holes in sheet metal by applying a steady squeezing force. This results in the cold-flow of sheet material, which is displaced by the knurl, into the undercut area on the shank of the fastener. Once fully embedded, the knurled area prevents torque-out during tightening of mating part.

*Spec. ASTM B633-85

Thread: Non Locking: Class 2B, MIL-S-7742;(6H ISO metric)

Self Locking: Class 3B, ANSI B1-1; (6H ISO metric)

Float: .015 in. (.4mm) minimum in all directions from center, 0.030 in. (.8mm) total

Use In: Materials with Rockwell Hardness of B-70 or less

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeMax (D)Panel MinHOLE IDMax (A)Max (E)BMax (C)MIN HOLE CTR TO PNL EDGEMaterial
E11CF68500258- STEEL
E11CF6850013M6 X 1.01.371.4013.1013.0613.015.305.3011.00STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF68500226- STEEL
E11CF6850010M5 X 0.8.971.0010.3010.2910.311.904.309.00CARBON STEEL
E11CF68500381/4- STEEL
E11CF6850007M4 X 0.71.371.409.409.329.3011.203.308.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF685003410- STEEL
E11CF6850004M3 X 0.51.371.407.407.347.409.103.307.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF6850001M3 X 0.5.971.007.407.347.409.103.307.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF68500174- STEEL
E11CF685003110- STEEL
E11CF68500268- STEEL
E11CF6850014M6 X 1.01.371.4013.1013.0613.015.305.3011.00CARBON STEEL
E11CF685002810- STEEL
E11CF68500238- STEEL
E11CF6850011M5 X 0.81.371.4010.3010.2910.311.904.309.00STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF68500206- STEEL
E11CF6850008M4 X 0.71.371.409.409.329.3011.203.308.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF68500351/4- STEEL
E11CF6850005M4 X 0.7.971.009.409.329.3011.203.308.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6850002M3 X 0.5.971.007.407.347.409.103.307.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF68500184- STEEL
E11CF685003210- STEEL
E11CF685002710- STEEL
E11CF68500154- STEEL
E11CF685002910- STEEL
E11CF68500248- STEEL
E11CF6850012M5 X 0.81.371.4010.3010.2910.311.904.309.00CARBON STEEL
E11CF68500216- STEEL
E11CF6850009M5 X 0.8.971.0010.3010.2910.311.904.309.00STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF68500361/4- STEEL
E11CF6850006M4 X 0.7.971.009.409.329.3011.203.308.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF6850003M3 X 0.51.371.407.407.347.409.103.307.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF68500196- STEEL
E11CF685003310- STEEL
E11CF68500371/4- STEEL
E11CF68500164- STEEL
E11CF685003010- STEEL

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