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Product Description

These Steel and Stainless Steel Self-Clinching Nuts provide strong load-bearing threads in sheet metal and other thin section assemblies. These nuts meet specification features of MIL-N-45938/1.

All self-clinching fasteners install into a round hole, which may be punched or drilled in ductile materials. They provide a permanently attached fastener, which becomes an integral part of the panel or frame and eliminates the problems associated with loose hardware. Self-Clinching fasteners provide added value by speeding initial assembly as well as servicing in the field, keeping costs to a minimum.

Features & Benefits
Self-clinching fasteners are pressed into holes in sheet metal by applying a steady squeezing force. This results in the cold-flow of sheet material, which is displaced by the knurl, into the undercut area on the shank of the fastener. Once fully embedded, the knurled area prevents torque-out during tightening of mating part.

Thread: Class 2B, MIL - S - 7742; (6H ISO metric)

Use In: C - Materials with HRB-80 or less

CS - Materials with HRB-70 or less

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeMaximum (D)PANEL MIN (IN)HOLE ID (IN)Maximum (A)B(C)HOLE CTR TO PNL EDG (MIN)Material
E11CF67301445/16- STEEL
E11CF67301603/8- STEEL
E11CF6730028M3.5 X 0.6.971.004.754.737.101.505.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730020M3 X 0.5.971. STEEL
E11CF6730044M5 X 0.8.971.006.406.388.702.007.10STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730060M8 X STEEL
E11CF6730076#3- STEEL
E11CF6730092#6- STEEL
E11CF6730108#10- STEEL
E11CF6730124#12- STEEL
E11CF67301415/16- STEEL
E11CF67301573/8- STEEL
E11CF6730025M3.5 X STEEL
E11CF6730017M3 X STEEL
E11CF6730041M5 X STEEL
E11CF6730057M8 X STEEL
E11CF6730073#2- STEEL
E11CF6730089#4- STEEL
E11CF6730105#8- STEEL
E11CF6730121#10- STEEL
E11CF67301381/4- STEEL
E11CF67301543/8- STEEL
E11CF6730014M2.5 X 0.451.371.404.254.226.301.504.80STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730006M2 X 0.41.371.404.254.226.301.504.80STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730038M4 X 0.71.371.405.405.387.902.006.90STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730054M6 X STEEL
E11CF6730070#2- STEEL
E11CF6730086#4- STEEL
E11CF6730102#8- STEEL
E11CF6730118#10- STEEL
E11CF67301351/4- STEEL
E11CF67301515/16- STEEL
E11CF6730011M2.5 X 0.45.971. STEEL
E11CF6730003M2 X 0.4.971. STEEL
E11CF6730035M4 X 0.7.971.005.405.387.902.006.90CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730051M6 X STEEL
E11CF6730067#2- STEEL
E11CF6730083#4- STEEL
E11CF6730099#8- STEEL
E11CF6730115#10- STEEL
E11CF67301485/16- STEEL
E11CF67301643/8- STEEL
E11CF6730032M3.5 X STEEL
E11CF6730024M3 X STEEL
E11CF6730048M5 X STEEL
E11CF6730064M10 X STEEL
E11CF6730080#3- STEEL
E11CF6730096#6- STEEL
E11CF6730112#10- STEEL
E11CF6730128#12- STEEL
E11CF67301321/4- STEEL
E11CF67301455/16- STEEL
E11CF67301613/8- STEEL
E11CF6730029M3.5 X 0.61.371.404.754.737.101.505.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730021M3 X 0.51.371.404.254.226.301.504.80CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730045M5 X 0.81.371.406.406.388.702.007.10CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730061M10 X STEEL
E11CF6730077#3- STEEL
E11CF6730093#6- STEEL
E11CF6730109#10- STEEL
E11CF6730125#12- STEEL
E11CF67301291/4- STEEL
E11CF67301425/16- STEEL
E11CF67301583/8- STEEL
E11CF6730026M3.5 X STEEL
E11CF6730018M3 X STEEL
E11CF6730042M5 X STEEL
E11CF6730058M8 X STEEL
E11CF6730074#2- STEEL
E11CF6730090#4- STEEL
E11CF6730106#8- STEEL
E11CF6730122#10- STEEL
E11CF67301391/4- STEEL
E11CF67301553/8- STEEL
E11CF6730015M2.5 X 0.452.212.304.254.226.301.504.80CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730007M2 X STEEL
E11CF6730039M4 X STEEL
E11CF6730055M8 X 1.251.371.4010.5010.4412.655.479.70CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730071#2- STEEL
E11CF6730087#4- STEEL
E11CF6730103#8- STEEL
E11CF6730119#10- STEEL
E11CF67301361/4- STEEL
E11CF67301525/16- STEEL
E11CF6730012M2.5 X 0.45.971. STEEL
E11CF6730004M2 X 0.4.971. STEEL
E11CF6730036M4 X 0.7.971.005.405.387.902.006.90STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730052M6 X STEEL
E11CF6730068#2- STEEL
E11CF6730084#4- STEEL
E11CF6730100#8- STEEL
E11CF6730116#10- STEEL
E11CF67301495/16- STEEL
E11CF6730009M2.5 X STEEL
E11CF6730001M2 X STEEL
E11CF6730033M4 X STEEL
E11CF6730049M6 X 1.01.371.408.758.7211.054.088.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730065M10 X STEEL
E11CF6730081#3- STEEL
E11CF6730097#6- STEEL
E11CF6730113#10- STEEL
E11CF67301331/4- STEEL
E11CF67301465/16- STEEL
E11CF67301623/8- STEEL
E11CF6730030M3.5 X 0.61.371.404.754.737.101.505.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730022M3 X 0.51.371.404.254.226.301.504.80STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730046M5 X 0.81.371.406.406.388.702.007.10STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730062M10 X STEEL
E11CF6730078#3- STEEL
E11CF6730094#6- STEEL
E11CF6730110#10- STEEL
E11CF6730126#12- STEEL
E11CF67301301/4- STEEL
E11CF67301435/16- STEEL
E11CF67301593/8- STEEL
E11CF6730027M3.5 X 0.6.971.004.754.737.101.505.60CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730019M3 X 0.5.971. STEEL
E11CF6730043M5 X 0.8.971.006.406.388.702.007.10CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730059M8 X STEEL
E11CF6730075#3- STEEL
E11CF6730091#6- STEEL
E11CF6730107#10- STEEL
E11CF6730123#12- STEEL
E11CF67301401/4- STEEL
E11CF67301563/8- STEEL
E11CF6730016M2.5 X 0.452.212.304.254.226.301.504.80STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730008M2 X STEEL
E11CF6730040M4 X STEEL
E11CF6730056M8 X 1.251.371.4010.5010.4412.655.479.70STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730072#2- STEEL
E11CF6730088#4- STEEL
E11CF6730104#8- STEEL
E11CF6730120#10- STEEL
E11CF67301371/4- STEEL
E11CF67301533/8- STEEL
E11CF6730013M2.5 X 0.451.371.404.254.226.301.504.80CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730005M2 X 0.41.371.404.254.226.301.504.80CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730037M4 X 0.71.371.405.405.387.902.006.90CARBON STEEL
E11CF6730053M6 X STEEL
E11CF6730069#2- STEEL
E11CF6730085#4- STEEL
E11CF6730101#8- STEEL
E11CF6730117#10- STEEL
E11CF67301505/16- STEEL
E11CF6730010M2.5 X STEEL
E11CF6730002M2 X STEEL
E11CF6730034M4 X STEEL
E11CF6730050M6 X 1.01.371.408.758.7211.054.088.60STAINLESS STEEL
E11CF6730066M10 X STEEL
E11CF6730082#3- STEEL
E11CF6730098#6- STEEL
E11CF6730114#10- STEEL
E11CF67301341/4- STEEL
E11CF67301475/16- STEEL
E11CF67301633/8- STEEL
E11CF6730031M3.5 X STEEL
E11CF6730023M3 X STEEL
E11CF6730047M5 X STEEL
E11CF6730063M10 X STEEL
E11CF6730079#3- STEEL
E11CF6730095#6- STEEL
E11CF6730111#10- STEEL
E11CF6730127#12- STEEL
E11CF67301311/4- STEEL

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