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NUTS - SELF RETAINING THREADED - Single Thread Wide Panel Range with U Design

Product Description

These Single Thread U-Nuts accommodate an unusually wide range of panel thicknesses from .025" to .150" which satisfies most needs for sheet metal and plastics assembly. A single wide-range U-Nut can replace as many as 5 or 6 separate size nuts required to cover the same capacity and it can be supplied in 8 AB through 16 AB thread sizes.

Features & Benefits
Features and Benefits

Engineering, purchasing and manufacturing benefit from this unique concept:

  • Greater design flexibility
  • Higher economy with volume purchases
  • Reductions in number of parts to buy, stock, handle and inspect, and
  • simplified applications with faster production assembly.
MATERIAL: Spring Steel

All parts are heat treated spring steel, unless otherwise specified. There are several design variations including, standard, square back, turned down corners, no center on back leg and extrusion on lower leg.

* Please call EFC for finishes and style variation questions.

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EFC Part Number Screw SizePanel ThicknessHole DiameterWidthLengthDesign Variation
700029798 AB.090 - .1100.3280.530.77No Center Back Leg
7000292610-16 AB.025 - .1500.280.530.77Square Back, Extrusion in Lower Leg
01500528-0110-12A.100 - .1500.2180.630.72Standard
01176028-01Q10-16 B (Z).025 - .1500.2810.530.72Extrusion in Lower Leg
700029988 AB.051 - .1100.1910.530.77No Center Back Leg

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