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PUSH-ONS - One-Piece Cap

Product Description

Push-on Caps are used over shaft, stud or rod ends to provide dependable, vibration-resistant assembly. These Push-ons are commonly used to secure wheels onto axles of toys, garbage cans, barbecue pits and more. Retention to stud is dependent on stud size and material.

Features & Benefits
  • Vibration resistant
  • Reliable Retention
  • Useful for wide range of applications
  • Available in imperial and metric sizes
For more information, please contact an EFC Representative at 1-800-888-3326.

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PUSH-ONS - One-Piece Cap
EFC Part Number Stud DiameterDiameterWidthHeightMaterial Thickness
02P800197-005.98-6.05 mm14.28 mm7.00 mm5.25 mm.45 mm
02P800198-009.98-10.05 mm19.05 mm11.33 mm6.86 mm.610 mm

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