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BLIND THREADED INSERTS - Small Diameter, Low Profile - AO Type

Product Description

Small Diameter Low Profile Blind Threaded Inserts have reduced profile heads and smaller diameter bodies to provide excellent spin out resistance in smaller holes or close to edge applications. During insertion, the insert's body expands 360° to fill the hole, thus creating exceptional torque strength and vibration resistance. A backside flange is also formed, even in multiple material thicknesses, without any need for adjustments.

Features & Benefits
  • Close to Edge Applications
  • Small Hole Applications
  • Superior Torque Strength - 360° hole-filling expansion provides exceptional torque strength and resistance to vibration
  • Backside Flange is formed during installation even in variable thicknesses of material, without adjustment
  • Superior Thread Strength from internal rolled thread manufacturing process
  • Threads Gauge before & after installation
  • Reduce Inventory - Grip range is 2½ times that of standard rivet nuts
  • Corrosion Resistance - Steel is available with various finishes, including RoHS compliance
  • Assembly Flexibility - Available through EFC-International, Special Pneumatic or Pneumatic/Hydraulic Installation Tools can be located at any position on your assembly line, before or after finish.
NOTES: All sizes listed on this page are a representative sampling of Materials, Finishes and Design Options. Any configuration not specified below is also available through EFC.

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EFC Part Number StandardThread SizeGrip RangeHOLEHead ODHead HeightLengthMax (D)IL MaxFinish
06640002-06QUNC8-32.020 - . Clear Chromate
06640007-XX193UNC5/16-18.040 - .200.500.560.022.690.499.540Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
E06006360023-114ISOM10x1.51.02 - 5.1012.7014.22.5617.5312.6713.72Yellow Zinc Dichromate
70008774UNC3/8-16.040 - .200.500.560.022.690.499.540Zinc Clear Chromate
06640013-06QISOM6X1.00.76 - 4.209.6010.80.5614.739.5011.18Zinc Clear Chromate
06640013-XX193ISOM6X1.00.76 - 4.209.6010.80.5614.739.5011.18Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
E06006360016-193ISOM4x0.7.50 - 2.006.407.49.469.786.328.00Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06640003-06QUNC10-24.020 - .130.281.320.020.440.280.330Zinc Clear Chromate
06640002-XX193UNC8-32.020 - . Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06700193-06QUNC6-32.020 - . Clear Chromate
E06006360024-193ISOM10x1.51.02 - 5.1012.7014.22.5617.5312.6713.72Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
70008774-XX193UNC3/8-16.040 - .200.500.560.022.690.499.540Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06700398-114ISOM8x1.251.02 - 5.1012.7014.22.5617.5312.6713.72Yellow Zinc Dichromate
06640005-06QUNC1/4-20.030 - .165.375.425.022.580.374.440Zinc Clear Chromate
06700244-07QISOM5x0.8.50 - 3.307.208.13.5111.187.118.38Yellow Zinc Dichromate
06640003-XX193UNC10-24.020 - .130.281.320.020.440.280.330Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06640004-06QUNF10-32.020 - .130.281.320.020.440.280.330Zinc Clear Chromate
06700193-XX193UNC6-32.020 - . Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06640007-06QUNC5/16-18.040 - .200.500.560.022.690.499.540Zinc Clear Chromate
06700398-XX193ISOM8x1.251.02 - 5.1012.7014.22.5617.5312.6713.72Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06640005-XX193UNC1/4-20.030 - .165.375.425.022.580.374.440Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
06700244-XX193ISOM5x0.8.50 - 3.307.208.13.5111.187.118.38Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate
E06006360015-114ISOM4x0.7.50 - 2.006.407.49.469.786.328.00Yellow Zinc Dichromate
06640004-XX193UNF10-32.020 - .130.281.320.020.440.280.330Tin Zinc with Yellow Chromate

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