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NUTS - BONDABLE bigHead® COLLARS – Round and Rounded Corner Heads

Product Description

bigHead® Collars consist of an internally threaded collar welded to a large perforated head. Standard collar lengths range from 5-22 mm, and standard heads range in size from 19-58 mm across. They are available in several different standard head shapes, to suit your specific application needs, with or without a sighted center hole and customized shapes and sizes are readily available. Their large perforated "head" provides an invisible, molded-in fastener, fixed for life, with very high torque and shear resistance. These fasteners are made from mild steel or stainless steel.

Features & Benefits

bigHead fasteners are used extensively in plastics, automotive and engineering industries, and increasingly in construction, building and other fields. They can be molded-in during manufacture, or riveted, screwed or spot-welded. With the advent of modern adhesives providing permanent bonding, designers and manufacturers are now able to specify bigHeads for "blind" application to almost any surface or material.

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EFC Part Number Thread Size x LengthHead DiameterHead ShapeMaterialSighted
25BSF2B38-M4x10M4x1038Rounded CornersStainless SteelNo
25BF2B23-M6x10M6 x 1023RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S23-M5x5M5 x 523RoundStainless SteelYes
25BF2B38-M10x10M10 x 1038Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S20-M4x5M4 x 520RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2S23-M8x10M8 x 1023RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B38-M8x14M8 x 1438Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S38-M8x20M8 x 1038Rounded CornersStainless SteelYes
25BF2S19-M5x10M5 x 1019RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BSF2B23-M10x20M10 x 2023RoundStainless SteelNo
25BF2S38-M10x22M10 x 2238Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B19-M6x10M6 x 1019RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2B23-M6x15M6 x 1523RoundStainless SteelNo
25BF2B38-M6x10M6 x 1038Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S38-M8x10M8 x 1038Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B23-M8x14M8 x 1423RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S23-M6x20M6 x 2023RoundStainless SteelYes
25BSF2B38-M8x10M8x1038Rounded CornersStainless SteelNo
25BF2B23-M6x14M6 x 1423RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S23-M5x10M5 x 1023RoundStainless SteelYes
25BF2B38-M10x14M10 x 1438Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S20-M6x10M6 x 1020RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2S23-M10x14M10 x 1423RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B38-M8x16M8 x 1638Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2B20-M6x10M6 x 1020RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S23-M6x10M6 x 1023RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BSF2S38-M6x10M6 x 1038Rounded CornersStainless SteelYes
25BF2B19-M6x22M6 x 2219RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2B23-M8x15M8 x 1523RoundStainless SteelNo
25BF2B38-M6x16M6 x 1638Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S38-M8x14M8 x 1438Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B23-M10x14M10 x 1423RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S23-M10x20M10 x 2023RoundStainless SteelYes
25BSF2B38-M8x15M8x1538Rounded CornersStainless SteelNo
25BF2B23-M6x16M6 x 1623RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S23-M6x5M6 x 523RoundStainless SteelYes
25BF2B38-M10x22M10 x 2238Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S20-M6x22M6 x 2220RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BSF2S23-M4x5M4 x 523RoundStainless SteelYes
25BF2B38-M8x22M8 x 2238Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2B20-M5x10M5 x 1020RoundStainless SteelNo
25BF2S23-M6x16M6 x 1623RoundGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B38-M8x10M8 x 1038Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S38-M6x22M6 x 2238Rounded CornersStainless SteelYes
25BF2B19-M8x10M8 x 1019RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2B23-M8x20M8 x 2023RoundStainless SteelNo
25BF2S38-M10x10M10 x 1038Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelYes
25BSF2B23-M4x10M4 x 1023RoundStainless SteelNo
25BF2B38-M4x10M4 x 1038Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelNo
25BF2S38-M6x14M6 x 1438Rounded CornersGalvanized SteelYes
25BF2B23-M8x10M8 x 1023RoundGalvanized SteelNo
25BSF2S23-M6x10M6 x 1023RoundStainless SteelYes

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