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Product Description

bigStrip® Nuts/Collars are perfect for those occasions when it is inconvenient to use individual bigHead® Collars. They are jig-built to very high tolerances and consist of any number of nuts or collars to be welded to a 16 mm wide metal strip. Thus, they enable rows of fasteners to be mounted or positioned with extreme accuracy and speed. They are made in one-meter lengths but can be cropped or welded together for longer needs.

Since these fasteners are made to order, the parts pictured on this page are intended as reference only. Click here for bigStrip® Studs.

Features & Benefits

bigStrip® Nuts/Collars are particularly useful when working with materials with a very short pot life such as gypsum, and which set hard in a few minutes. In these instances, it would be difficult to locate several separate bigHead® Nuts/Collars accurately in the short time available.

bigHead fasteners are load-distributing anchorages, designed originally for plastics but now widely used in metal fabrication and assembly. They provide a complete and versatile fastening system for such specialized molding techniques as rotational, injection, GRP and many others.

bigHeads can be supplied with male, female, threaded or unthreaded components in virtually any combination to suit your specific needs. They are made in bondable steel or 316S11 stainless steel versions. The 5mm diameter holes are located at 20 mm centers and alternate across a center line to which your desired fastening components are jigged and welded at set centers.

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25B1022001Various316S11 Stainless Steel or Zinc Plated Steel

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