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NUTS - Mid Panel Multi-Thread Self-Retaining M4.2 Expansion Type

Product Description

Mid Panel Multi-Thread M4.2 Expansion Nuts are one-piece, self-locking, multi-purpose devices that prevent screws from loosening due to vibration. The use of spring nuts can eliminate the need for additional fasteners. And, because they allow faster and easier assembly, Mid-Panel Nuts can lower manufacturing costs - requiring no special tools, equipment or skills for installation.

Features & Benefits

Mid-Panel Nuts are often used for instrument panel and center console applications. All parts are heat treated Spring Steel, unless otherwise specified. Please contact an EFC representative at 1-800-888-3326 for available finishes.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizePanelPanel OpeningTypePrevailing TorqueOEM Part Numbers
02P800120-15M4.2 X 1.43.80-4.409.20 SQEYes11561629
166000644-F115QM4.2 X 1.428.6 SQIYes-
166000699-F069QM4.2 X 1.41.59 SQJNo06506259AA
166000582-F019M4.2 X 1.42.3-2.89.1 X 11.1EYesW705093-S403
166000736-F242M4.2 X 1.4.70-2.308.65 SQPYes11570654 - W716529-S900 - 06509432AA
166000736-F213M4.2 X 1.40.7-1.508.65 SQPYes11609952 - W713717-S439
166000583-F019M4.2 X 1.41.7-2.010.5 SQEYes06036480AA
02P800120-3965M4.2 X 1.43.80-4.4012.0 SQEYes11569960 - 06510197AA
166000603-G9QM4.2 X 1.40.7-0.98.6 SQIYes11518531
166000635-F169QM4.2 X 1.40.818.6 SQIYes15998371

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