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bigHead® NAILS - Bondable Heads Range from 15-38mm wide

Product Description

bigHead Nails are 3mm pointed studs attached to head sizes ranging from 15-38mm wide. They are available in many different head shapes to suit your specific application needs. Custom shapes and sizes are readily available as well. The Nails have a large, perforated "head" provideing an invisible, molded-in fastener, fixed for life, with very high torque and shear resistance.

These studs must be ordered with a Spring Clip (also shown).

Features & Benefits

bigHead® Nails are used extensively in plastics, automotive and engineering, and increasingly in construction, building and other fields. They can be molded-in during manufacture, riveted, screwed, or spot welded. With the advent of modern adhesives that offer permanent bonding to almost any surface, designers and manufacturers are now able to specify bigHeads® for "blind" application to almost any surface or material.

Required Accessory Item: 304 Stainless Steel Spring Clip

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EFC Part Number Head Dia or SizeHead ShapeLengthDiameterMaterial
25BSM5B38-3x5038Rounded Corner503Stainless Steel
25BSM5B32-3x10035 X 32Square1003Stainless Steel
25BSM5B32-3x3032 X 32Square303Stainless Steel
25BM5B23-3x2523Round253Galvanized Steel
25BSM5B38-3x10038Rounded Corner1003Stainless Steel
25BM5B38-3x2538Rounded Corner253Galvanized Steel
25BSM5B32-3x6033 X 32Square603Stainless Steel
25BM5B23-3x7523Round753Galvanized Steel
25BSM5B38-3x2538Rounded Corner253Stainless Steel
25BSM5B32-3x7534 X 32Square753Stainless Steel
25BSM5B30-3x10030Round1003Stainless Steel

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