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BOLTS – Bondable Threaded bigHead® - Rectangular Head

Product Description

bigHead Threaded Bolts are externally threaded with perforated heads. They come in a variety of head shapes and are manufactured in both metric and UNC thread forms in numerous lengths and diameters. bigHead Bolts are available in steel and/or stainless steel, depending on thread size and stud length. Custom shapes and sizes are readily available. Click here for the nuts and caps available for these fasteners.

Features & Benefits

Standard bigHead Threaded Bolts are extensively used in plastics, automotive and engineering industries, and increasingly in construction, building and other fields. They can be molded-in during manufacture, riveted, screwed or spot-welded. With the advent of modern adhesives providing permanent bonding to almost any surface, designers and manufacturers are now able to specify bigHead Bolts for "blind" application to almost any surface or material.

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EFC Part Number Thread SizeStud Length (mm)Head Size (mm)MaterialHead Shape
25BSM1T38M5M512, 16, 2538 X 15Stainless SteelRectangular
25BM1T38M8M820, 30, 40, 5038 X 15SteelRectangular
25BM1T38M4M412, 16, 20, 2538 X 15SteelRectangular
25BM1T40M5M520, 2540 X 10SteelRectangular
25BSM1T38M6M616, 25, 30, 40, 5038 X 15Stainless SteelRectangular
25BM1T38M10M1025, 30, 5038 X 15SteelRectangular
25BM1T38M5M516, 20, 2538 X 15SteelRectangular
25BM1T40M6M63040 X 10SteelRectangular
25BSM1T38M8M830, 40, 5038 X 15Stainless SteelRectangular
25BSM1T38M4M41238 X 15Stainless SteelRectangular
25BM1T38M6M612, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75, 10038 X 15SteelRectangular
25BM1T40M8M82540 X 10SteelRectangular
25BSM1T38M10M105038 X 15Stainless SteelRectangular

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