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BOLTS FOR METAL - Thread Rolling - TAP/R

Product Description

With their graduated thread rolling areas, less driving torque is required to install these chip-free Tap/R™ screws, developed by ITW Shakeproof. Their unique thread configuration begins as a tapered, intermittent thread and increases to a full 360º thread form, providing progressive roll forming. A small pilot point minimizes cross threading and facilitates hole alignments, and they are reusable in the same hole without cross threading.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduces driving torque and increases stripping torque.
  • Round shank retains more applied torque and clamp load than tri-lobular screws.
  • Retains same hole sizes as tri-lobular type screws. No need to change specifications or tooling.
  • Rapidly locates hole. Unthreaded relief area on point quickly positions screw in pilot hole.
Tap/R's full 360° thread engagement provides maximum holding power and increases stripping torque. The relief areas on the two sides of the shank remove paint and porcelain from the pilot hole. These are ideal for automation qualified applications due to their reliable, consistent performance. Tap/R provides an increased safe operating range and increased torque retention and are available in all Standard Cold Headed materials.

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