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Get Your Motion Under Control!

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… and sound. There are many applications for dampers and latches outside the automotive industry.

Standard products are available, or EFC engineers can work with you to design a product with just the right amount of motion control.

For additional products and specific details, feel free to browse our motion control section.

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed smooth controlled opening and closing of mechanisms
  • Absorb and slow down motion to decrease vibration, noise and machine component wear



  • Rotary Dampers: Fasten to or snap into a panel configuration and give dampening motion for several automotive interior applications

  • Linear Dampers: Provide smooth linear motion. Available with dampening in one direction while allowing free run in the other and dampening in both directions.

  • Air Dampers: Provide damped, linear motion in one direction while allowing free motion in the other.

  • Hinge Dampers: Rotary dampers that mount at the hinge point and are designed to fit into small spaces.

  • Latches: Snap into a given panel configuration & provide dependable latching and unlatching.


  • Computer Docking Stations
  • Overhead Storage/Console
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Coffee Machines
  • Drawer Glides
  • Crowd Control Retractors
  • Food Equipment
  • Hinged Handles/Grab Bars
  • A/V Access Covers
  • Stowaway Drink Holder
  • Appliance Levers, Lids, Covers
  • Marine Hatches & Latches