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  1. EFC Makes MDM’s Top Fastener Distributor List

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    Each year, Modern Distribution Management (MDM) compiles an annual ranking of the top 150+ North American industrial, construction and commercial product distribution companies by revenue across 16 discrete product category sectors. Rank estimates indicate specific product category standing, but with current total company revenues. Once again, EFC has made the Top Fastener Distributor List!

    Click here to read the full document.

  2. EFC Fastens Your Ride!

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    EFC Fastens Your Ride!

    More than 80% of all cars and trucks in North America have at least one EFC part. EFC is the designated Automotive global distribution partner for all of the world’s most renowned automotive fastener manufacturers. Our engineering team is plugged into the best automotive fastener manufacturers such as ITW, ARaymond, Semblex, Lisi, and many more. Our engineering team is engaged with design review processes that can assist customers with design, prototypes, and testing. Check out more rides here.

  3. Score It. Fold It. Bend It. Depend On It!

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    Formex insulated materialsEFC is excited to announce a new product addition and premier supplier with the addition of ITW Formex® Flame Retardant Materials.

    ITW Formex® polypropylene and polycarbonate flame retardant electrical insulating materials provide superior electric surge shielding in automotive, industrial and consumer electronic equipment.

    EFC provides Formex™ materials as sheets or rolls and can be fabricated into a wide range of shapes to meet the flammability and dielectric needs of your application.

    Product Advantages And Benefits:

    • Meets global safety standards
    • Ultra-low moisture absorption
    • Maintains mechanical/electrical properties
    • Shields electricity from electric surge
    • Parts will not crack or split
    • Lower overall part cost with thinner materials
    • Dissipates static electrical charge to a ground
    • Parts can be easily designed to incorporate a number of joining and fastening methods, often eliminating external fasteners

    No other flame retardant, electrical insulating material can match the flexibility and performance of Formex for cost-effective fabricated parts. Formex has successfully replaced a variety of electrical papers, thermoplastic materials, and injected molded parts.

    Formex materials provide new and unique options for the design and construction of low-cost internal mechanical components. Fabricated internal parts, such as air flow baffles and wire harness organizers, are commonly used a s cost-effective replacements for plastic injection molded or sheet metal components.

    Formex insulation

    Major industries:

    • Electrical Vehicles (EV)
    • Solar Energy/Solar Power Inverting (PV)
    • Non EV Automotive
    • Cloud Data Centers
    • Industrial Controls
    • LED Lighting
    • Electrical power Distribution
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Major Appliances
    • Medical Electronics
    • Information Technology
    • Telecommunications

    Click here to download the solutions flyer.

    Contact EFC for samples or questions!

  4. The New Chicago Warehouse is Open!

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    The New Chicago

    EFC can assist you during this time of uncertainty with:

    • Cash flow improvement solutions
    • Part shortages
    • Inventory solutions
    • Responsiveness
    • Engineer support

    Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Strong, and Stay Sane!

  5. New Warehouse Progress

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    Another peek at our progress at the new EFC – Chicago Branch.
    We will be moved in May 4th!

  6. Explore Video View of EFC’s Massive New Warehouse in Chicago

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    We are excited for the upcoming move and expansion of our EFC Chicago warehouse and offices to Hanover Park. Check out the video of the beginning stage.

    The state of the art facility is 64,000 square feet with 26 foot clear height ceilings and over 3,800 pallet locations.

    We’re just a few weeks away…official announcement is coming soon!

  7. Air Filter Components

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    We are excited to announce the addition of air filter clips and specialty air filter fasteners, manufactured by Springfield Spring & Stamping to our product line. Springfield Spring & Stamping is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom air filter holding frame clips in the United States. We recently exhibited at the AHR Expo in Orlando to launch into the air filter industry.  We are also now a member of the NAFA.

    The air filter clip product line complements our current HVAC-R that include wire routing components, caps, plugs, clamps, rivet nuts, panel fasteners, specialty nuts, bolts and screws.

    We’re still working out some details with stocking, logistics, etc. but look for our official opening day (along with baseball) in April!

    Our extensive line of Air Filter Holding Frame Clips/Hardware can be found here.

    Browse our Air Filter Components solutions brochure here.

  8. A World In Motion

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    We are excited about the addition of gas springs (also known as gas struts, gas pistons, pneumatic springs, or gas shocks) and dampers to the EFC product line.  For controlling motion Gas Springs are essential components in the automotive industry and a wide variety of industrial applications.

    Lift Gas Springs.  Most commonly found on the hatch back of a car or SUV. A gas spring functions in a compressed position.  By compressing the rod into the tube, the nitrogen gas within the tube is also being compressed. As the space within the tube is reduced, the gas pressure to rises, which leads to the storing of energy. Once actuated, the gas spring then assist with the movement of an object, such as lifting the hatch back door for a car.

    Dampers. Dampers are designed to control speed & motion determined by the quantity of hydraulic oil within the tube. Dampening can be set in either extension, compression, or both directions.  A damper is commonly used in applications where a cover opens down ward and controlled motion is required.

    Tension/Traction Gas Spring. A Tension gas springs works in an opposite manner as a lift gas spring, it functions in extension.  The operator “pulls” the rod from the tube, as the rod is “pulled” the nitrogen is compressed causing the gas pressure to increase, storing the energy. Once released the energy reacts compressing the rod back into the tube.

    Common Applications:


    • Bus and Truck
    • Marine
    • Aerospace
    • Emergency Vehicles
    • Recreational Vehicles

    Off Highway

    • Farm Equipment
    • Riding Mower
    • Construction Equipment


    • Bank Machine
    • Computer
    • Copiers and Commercial Printer


    • Tool Box
    • Tanning Bed
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Dumpster

    For any installation situation – door, lid, cover, etc., let us work with you to provide just the right control and motion with competitive pricing for gas springs.

  9. Swing Couplings from EFC Provide Increased Safety and Ease of Use While Saving Energy and Money!

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    EFC provides safe and high quality swing couplings for hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, gas, chemical fluid and water applications. The swing couplingsSwing Couplings are manufactured with the latest technologies to provide production methods that achieve efficiency, increase plant safety, improve productivity and save costs for industrial connections.  Check out some benefits below:

    • Increased safety. Safety features allow for safe connections and disconnection without pressure, kickback, or fear of hose whip typically experienced in standard coupling use.  Pressure is always automatically off during the coupling process. These safety features have made the swing coupling a favorite of assembly workers, manufacturing engineers and plant safety committees.
    • Easy to use. Designed to replace most standard couplings. Quick connection and disconnection are simple without line pressure or air loss in the system. The coupling swings easily into a locked position, letting the user know that the coupling has been completely connected or disconnected.
    • Saves energy and money. Check valves used in standard couplings restrict airflow resulting in pressure drop and increased compressor energy consumption. When using compressed air operated equipment in conjunction with swing couplings, the result will always be a method of operation which is more efficient with low energy and consumption, making it very economical.

    Compressed air is the typical manufacturer’s most important utility. Pneumatic tools and controls, air cylinders for machine actuation, product cleansing and blow-offs each use compressed air. Without a consistent supply of quality compressed air, a manufacturing process can stop functioning.

    Even small leaks can lead to big losses and can also cause serious accidents. It has been shown that in the case of compressed air, leaking couplings account for an energy loss of 8-15%. If water or oil are leaking, there are obvious signs, however, compressed air is not so obvious unless it’s too loud or blowing the skin off your face. It can leak forever and not directly affect anything but cost!

  10. EFC Implements Outbound Autocapture Portal Prototype

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    EFC Implements Outbound Autocapture

    Photo from the debut of the Autocapture Portal. Pictured is EFC President Matt Dudenhoeffer shaking hands with EFC Intern, Cameron, who developed the device.

    The recently implemented “Autocapture Portal” operating in the St. Louis warehouse is a great example of EFC Redefining The World Of Distribution. The project was imagined by members of the IT and warehouse departments due to difficulties moving pictures into SAP for documenting export shipments. College intern and son of an EFC employee, Cameron, performed the majority of developing the program through fabrication of the device, programming, coding, circuitry, assembly, installation, testing, and validation. The Autocapture project will lead to improvements in warehouse automation.

    This project and the portal itself will lead to improvement in warehouse automation. It solves issues by providing efficiency and improved flow of information flow to several departments. How? As a pallet is passed through the Autocapture Portal, the pallet tag is detected, and triggers the device to take photos of the pallet from 7 different angles and even a photo of the loaded truck! Each set of photos is uploaded in SAP and attached to the respective delivery.

    Solutions Realized:

    • Consistent, reliable image capture of completed order condition of outbound pallets
    • Proof of heat treated stamp for customs clearance on export deliveries
    • Photo matching the carrier and pick up time with the pallet/delivery capture information
    • Confirming the status of each delivery in SAP, including automatically posting goods
    • Time savings for warehouse staff
    • Quick reference access to shipment documentation for sales, logistics, quality, etc.

    EFC: Redefining The World Of Distribution!

    EFC’s Autocapture circuit board proudly features the company logo.

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