Marine / Rec Vehicles

EFC is a global provider of specialty engineered fasteners, uniquely positioned to serve the Marine and Rec Vehicle industries which include RVs, golf carts, personal watercraft, utility vehicles, off-road and ATVs. EFC provides the best in engineered components to these industries and specializes in cost-saving initiatives for our customers.

EFC exhibited at IBEX and participated in the Innovation Awards; EFC also exhibits at GIE Expo. Innovative products like Poppit® and TwinDisk® continue our expansion into these markets and match customers’ needs for simple but effective fastening solutions. Review the product catalog for these and other products including embossed band clamps with roll-formed band edges that minimize damage of the hose material, as well as, risk of injury for the installer. EFC offers UniClamp® constant tension band clamps, the perfect clamping solution for numerous small engine and motor applications, and we also provide quick-connectors and fluid products that can be customized for marine and small engine specific application requirements.

Some popular items EFC supplies into ATV, golf cart, snow-mobile, off-road and utility vehicle applications include: hose clamps, constant tension band clamps, stainless fasteners, routing components, Tuf-lok panel fasteners, plastic push-pins,  locking panel fasteners, p-clamps, cushion clamps, u-nuts, weld-nuts, t-nuts, caps, plugs, bushings & grommets, compression limiters, inserts, rivets, cage-nuts, BigHead, clinch nuts, rubber parts, knobs, handles, pins, lock-nuts,  CamLoc products, tethers and motion control products.

In addition to ATVs, golf carts, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, rec-vehicles and utility vehicles, EFC also supports customers manufacturing Material Handling Equipment such as fork-lifts and scissor-lifts and conveyors.