HVAC / Appliance

EFC strives to strengthen its position in the appliance and HVACR industries by establishing ourselves as a strategic partner with excellent quality and delivery performance. EFC is a proud member of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA). Additionally, EFC is an exhibitor at AHR Expo for the HVACR industry. We offer fastening solutions through optimized engineering and cost-effective concepts. View our EFC Product Catalog for products like:

  • ITW Shakeproof® Thread – Perfect for Ensuring Fasteners Stay Tight Regardless of the Environment – Vibration, Shock, Lubricants or Heat
  • EJOT SHEETtracs® – Designed for a Safe Joint in Thin Sheet Metals with a Preformed Pilot Hole & Embossed Band Clamps with Roll-Formed Band Edges that Minimize Damage of the Hose Material, as well as, Risk of Injury for the Installer

Ear clamps (or crimp clamps) can also be used in place of standard worm-gear clamps to increase productivity on the assembly line, thereby streamlining operations. Other common solutions from EFC for the appliance, refrigeration and HVACR industries include:

EFC enables HVAC, Refrigeration and Appliance manufacturers to reduce time, cost, complexity and risk while improving quality and enhancing the end product.