EFC International is a leading global provider of specialty engineered fasteners and components. Due to our commitment to continuously improving our products, services, and quality levels, our customers know they can rely on us to meet their specifications and standards. Our solutions find application in a wide range of industries, from agriculture and automotive to power generation and robotics. Below, we highlight the key industries we serve.









Agriculture / Lawn & Garden

We provide a broad selection of highly durable fasteners that are well-suited for use in the outdoor environments typically experienced by equipment within the agriculture and lawn & garden industries. From engine components to routing components to wheel bolts, we have solutions for various equipment needs. As an exhibitor at The International Landscape, Outdoor Living, and Equipment Exposition (GIE+EXPO), companies across the globe have experienced the value of our products.  


Our engineering support capabilities, combined with our creative improvements for attachment and closure fasteners, provide exceptional value to customers in the automotive industry. The innovative assembly solutions we deliver enable them to experience significant cost savings regarding the construction of a variety of automobile components, including the interior, exterior, body, instrument panel, and more. By sourcing our parts and products from world-class manufacturers, we ensure customers receive top-quality components and assemblies.

Automotive Aftermarket

Automotive aftermarket products can be classified into three categories: OEM-provided replacement parts, aftermarket parts, and aftermarket accessories. Products in the first category are used to replace OEM parts when they are worn or damaged. Products in the second category are intended as alternatives to OEM replacement parts, replacements to existing parts, or add-ons. Products in the third category are designed to improve user comfort, convenience, or safety or customize the automobile. 

We provide a variety of parts and products to manufacturers of automotive aftermarket components, including, but not limited to, the following: caps, clamps, gas springs, nuts, pins, routing components, tapes, tethers, and wire thread inserts. 

Electrified Vehicles

We supply parts and products to the companies within the growing electrified vehicle industry. Some of the engineering solutions we regularly provide include advanced compensation nuts, mid-panel nuts, panel fasteners, routing components, and trim clips. We find applications in a number of electric vehicle types, such as BEV, FCEV, FHEV, HEV, MHEV, and PHEV.


We’ve partnered with world-class suppliers to provide fastening, connection, and routing solutions to the solar, wind, and other renewable energy markets. We offer technical support for bonding, fluid connections, wire routing, and fastening for assembly management, mounting systems, cable routing. Some of the products we distribute include A Raymond PowAR™ Grip and PowAR™ Snap products and Heyco’s dedicated line of solar products. 

Furniture / Office

We offer a range of fastener products and technical support services to the furniture and office markets. Available components include access panel fasteners, bushings, end caps, handles, hole plugs, insert glides and feet, knobs, latches, motion control components, rivets, T-nuts, tube closures, weld nuts, wire-management solutions, and more. 

Heavy Equipment

By combining engineering support with creative improvements for fastener attachment and closure products, we provide valuable solutions to customers throughout the heavy equipment and construction industry. Our solutions enable customers to experience significant cost savings through innovative assembly solutions and supplier consolidation. 

Heavy Truck / Bus

We offer products and services for heavy trucks and buses that aim to minimize total installed cost through part consolidation and cost-saving technology. Our line of products features lock nuts, panel components, nut plates, routing components, and more. In terms of services, we provide engineering support to multiple VMI providers that service bus and truck OEMs. 

HVAC / Appliances

As a proud member of the National Air Filtration Association (NAFA) and an exhibitor at the AHR Expo for the HVACR industry, we have established a globally recognized presence in the HVAC and appliances industry. We offer optimally engineered fastening solutions that improve the performance of HVAC systems and various other appliances, including u-nuts, shakeproof thread, threaded inserts, anchor nuts, and more. One of our most popular products is ear clamps, which are used as an alternative to standard worm-gear clamps to increase assembly line productivity. 

Marine / Recreational Vehicles

With products designed for a variety of marine and recreational vehicles, including golf carts, personal watercraft, utility vehicles, ATVs, and off-road vehicles, we provide cost-saving solutions to recreational vehicle manufacturers across the globe. Some of the items we supply include bushings & grommets, cage-nuts, Camloc products, caps, clinch nuts, compression limiters, constant tension band clamps, cushion clamps, handles, hose clamps, inserts, knobs, locking panel fasteners, lock-nuts, p-clamps, pins, plastic push-pins, plugs, rivets, routing components, rubber parts, stainless fasteners, tethers and motion control products, t-nuts, Tuf-Lok panel fasteners, u-nuts, weld-nuts, and more. 


Our medical products cover a wide range of potential uses, including medical diagnostic devices, hospital beds, medical office equipment, ventilator inserts, fluid/air transfer, and more. Manufacturers of healthcare and medical equipment know they can trust in DRIV-LOK for highly customizable smart fastening solutions and in DRIV-LOK EngiNomics® for highly optimized fastening design, production, and assembly operations. Our parts and products ensure they can create high-quality equipment that offers guaranteed durability, safety, and consistency throughout its expected service life, all of which are important to ensuring the safety of personnel and patients. Some of the items we commonly supply to the medical industry include access panel fasteners, bushings & grommets, compression limiters, constant tension band clamps, cord grips, Delta PT screws, Heyco products, hole plugs, hose clamps, inserts, ITW Fastex components, knobs and handles, motion control products, Oetiker clamps, P-clamps, pins, routing components, rubber products, S-clips, self-clinching nuts, snap rivets, spacers, stainless steel fasteners and components, standoffs, strain reliefs, strike & catch fasteners, tube clamps, and U-nuts. 

Power Generation / Small Engine

We supply a variety of specialty engineered fastener components to the power generation and small engine industries. Our innovative solutions are used by various manufacturers within these industries for many devices and systems, including electric charging stations for electric vehicles), solar panels and solar equipment, generators, and utility facilities. Some of our most popular products include large-diameter rivet nuts and UniClamp® constant tension band clamps. The former are engineered to replace the way step bolts are installed, resulting in greater productivity, easier installation, safer end products, and lower total installed cost. The latter are designed to serve as the perfect clamping solution for small engines and motors. We also offer customizable quick-connectors and fluid products suitable for small engine-specific applications.

Technology / Robotics

We maintain a broad selection of fastening, connecting, and routing components for the technology industry. Our part and product offerings include bumpers, caps & plugs, clinch nuts, compression limiters, inserts, panel fasteners, rivet nuts, routing components, rubber feet, shaft retainers, spacers, specialty screws, standoffs, and more. A key segment of the technology industry is robotic and cobots, which are used to streamline various operations within industrial facilities. We’ve worked to introduce innovative solutions for this market, including bushings & grommets, clamps, clips, compression limiters, conduit, connection fasteners, electrical/electronic components, panel fasteners, pins, rivet-nuts, rubber components, screws for thread-forming into plastics, sleeves, and wire-routing components. 

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