Agriculture / Lawn & Garden

EFC provides a range of fasteners that thrive in the strenuous outdoor environment of lawn & garden equipment and agriculture.  Uses range from wheel bolts to routing components to engine components to everything in between. Contact EFC for engineering support and creative improvements for fastener attachment and closure requirements.  Additionally, EFC is an exhibitor at GIE Expo.  View the product catalog for products like:

  • Panel fasteners, self-retaining nuts, metal and plastic clips, hole plugs
  • Cage-nuts, u-nuts, u-clips, s-clips
  • Palnuts, push-ons, shaft retainers, retaining rings, axle hub caps
  • Routing components for cables, wire bundles and hoses
  • Clamps–hose, cushion, routing, Oetiker, worm-gear, constant tension, Uni-Clamps
  • Rivet-nuts, rivets, weld-nuts, clinch nuts, lock nuts
  • Caps, plugs, grommets and bushings
  • Knobs, handles, Camloc
  • Inserts, standoffs, mounting components, vibration dampening components, isolators
  • Compression limiters, split-seam bushings
  • Temperature & corrosion resistant plastic parts