Because we are focusing strategies and efforts in the technology industry, we have partnered with world-class suppliers to provide fastening, connecting and routing solutions. Technical support is available in bonding, fluid connections, wire routing and fastening for assembly management, mounting systems and cable routing.

As a distributor for A Raymond Tinnerman PowAR™ Grip and PowAR™ Snap products, Heyco’s dedicated line of applicable products, EFC engineers can assist you in cost-saving initiatives for your solar installation. View our EFC Product Encyclopedia for these and other product offerings perfect for the technology industry.

Other engineered components supplied by EFC into the Technology market include clinch nuts, rivet-nuts, stand-offs, spacers, inserts, compression limiters, rubber components, caps / plugs, knobs, bumpers, rubber feet, shaft retainers, specialty screws, panel fasteners and a vast expanse of routing components.