Power Generation / Small Engine

EFC is a global provider of specialty engineered fastener components, uniquely positioned to expertly serve the Power Generation and Small Engine industries. EFC is committed to providing the best in engineered components and specializes in cost-saving initiatives.

Some popular items that EFC supplies to these industries include hose clamps, Oetiker clamps, V-band clamps, couplings, stainless steel fasteners, brass or stainless threaded inserts, rivet-nuts, rivets, hole plugs, strain reliefs, cord-grips, fittings, liquid-tight cord grips, bushings, compression limiters, rubber products, Delta PT screws, knobs, handles, pins, standoffs, cage-nuts, lock nuts, u-nuts, weld-nuts, weld-studs, rivet-studs, clinch hardware products, Heyco products, ITW Fastex Products, ARaymond products, uni-clamps, constant tension band clamps, vibration dampening components, isolators, mounting components, deep drawn stamped components, conduit tubing and numerous others.

EFC is working to introduce innovative fastening solutions to makers of electric charging stations (for electric vehicles), solar panels and solar equipment, as well as for generators and various utilities.

EFC has introduced large-diameter rivet-nuts to the utility pole market to replace the way step bolts are installed, enabling increased productivity, easier installation and a safer end-product with lower total-installed-cost.

EFC offers UniClamp® constant tension band clamps, the perfect clamping solution for numerous small engine and motor applications, and we also provide quick-connectors and fluid products that can be customized for small engine specific application requirements.

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