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Wire Harness Solutions

EFC works with global cable and wire harness manufacturers to provide technical support and access to leading technology for the industry. Check out more specific products on the solutions flyer and contact EFC to assist with your requirements.




EFC is exhibiting at AHR Expo!

A particular area of interest for the industry is Access Panel Fasteners.
They come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and materials.

Take a look at a few we offer here:

1/4-Turn Fasteners: These provide a vibration resistant joining solution for quick and repetitive attachment and removal of panels with minimum effort owing to their quick release 1/4-turn, push-turn & push-push fastening mechanisms.


Plunger Captive Panel Latch: This two-piece access panel fastener remains captive in the removable panel while allowing separation from the stationary panel with a simple snap up on the plunger. It is easy to operate. No tools are required.


Tree-Lok Fastener: The ball head fits neatly into a plain bored hole or optional mating receptacle to securely lock access panels. Permits easy panel opening with moderate pressure.


Ball & Catch Panel Mount: Offers a simple self-locating way to attach an access panel. The pin plate allows the male pin to be secured without a fastener showing on the face of the panel.


Strike & Latch: This is easily installed and is a rugged latching device for metal cabinet doors and access panels. Both the strike and the latch snap into place through the mating surfaces.


We excel at custom designs for specialty applications. Let us provide the best solution for you.

Automotive / Autonomous Vehicles

EFC International is a CERTIFIED QUALITY TIER SUPPLIER to the automotive industry providing engineered components to the tiers for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, and other new domestics.  EFC is also a direct and tier supplier to the Electrified Vehicle market.

EFC supports customers globally with engineered component and assembly solutions for future vehicles models including interiors/exteriors, connectivity, safety, light-weighting, electrical/routing, and infotainment systems among other applications in various parts of the vehicles.  EFC’s partnerships with world-class manufacturers combined with their engineering expertise, provide customers undeniable value.

Explore for engineered solutions for automotive applications including:

Best practices for engineered components are featured in EFC’s Automotive Catalog.

Automotive Fastener cutaway - 2013 Tesla Model SEFC International - A Supplier to the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E


Filter Clip Success Story

EFC is a proud partner and exclusive distributor for Springfield Spring Air Filter Clips.


Fastening Solutions

The prevalence of air borne pathogens associated with the global COVID-19 Pandemic has spawned a host of Federal and Local indoor air quality filtration regulations in both commercial and residential buildings. Many of these new air quality building regulations are putting an unprecedented demand on the Air Filter Industry to engineer primary and secondary air filtration solutions which must meet higher MERV ratings. Many of these new air filters require specialized air filter holding clips.

For additional products and specific details, feel free to browse our Air Filter Holding Frame Clips / Hardware section.


A manufacturer of specialized Industrial and Commercial Air purification equipment approached Springfield Spring to help them develop a special fastening solution for various HEPA Filters used in their units. The challenge required Springfield Spring to engineer a fastener that could attach to the inside frame of their units with a feature to securely hold the HEPA Filters in place. The clip design required the clip to be easily adjusted for various filter sizes but also required easy hand manipulation to remove the air filters for maintenance and replacement.



The key to finding solutions for any customer’s problems begins with listening. After numerous Zoom meetings with their customer to determine the form, fit & function intent of the filter holding clip, they designed a smaller version of the standard 12” long filter clip. This smaller extension spring has a finger-pull handle feature with an integral mounting bracket. The spring required a flat surface along one plane of the clip with a specific spring force or “rate.” The integral bracket on one end of the clip required a small modification to its opening to fit on to the sheet metal frame of the customer’s unit. Samples were sent for qualification The following feedback from the customer affirmed the success of Springfield’s engagement and the final product.

Customer Testimony

“This special mini extension spring and bracket works exceptionally well in our Airbox Purification units. Your service from the day we reached out to you, to the submission of samples, was just incredible. Please express our sincere thanks and gratitude to your entire Engineering team for a job well done.”

EFC Makes MDM’s 2021 Top Fastener Distributor List

Based on 2020 revenues, the 2021 Top Distributors directory, now in its 12th year, is MDM’s annual ranking of the top 150+ North American industrial, construction and commercial product distribution companies by revenue across 16 discrete product category sectors. Rank estimates indicate specific product category standing, but with 2020 total company revenues listed.

Once again, EFC has made the Top Fastener Distributor List!

Click here to read the full document.


Get Your Motion Under Control!

… and sound. There are many applications for dampers and latches outside the automotive industry.

Standard products are available, or EFC engineers can work with you to design a product with just the right amount of motion control.

For additional products and specific details, feel free to browse our motion control section.

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed smooth controlled opening and closing of mechanisms
  • Absorb and slow down motion to decrease vibration, noise and machine component wear



  • Rotary Dampers: Fasten to or snap into a panel configuration and give dampening motion for several automotive interior applications

  • Linear Dampers: Provide smooth linear motion. Available with dampening in one direction while allowing free run in the other and dampening in both directions.

  • Air Dampers: Provide damped, linear motion in one direction while allowing free motion in the other.

  • Hinge Dampers: Rotary dampers that mount at the hinge point and are designed to fit into small spaces.

  • Latches: Snap into a given panel configuration & provide dependable latching and unlatching.


  • Computer Docking Stations
  • Overhead Storage/Console
  • Cabinet Doors
  • Coffee Machines
  • Drawer Glides
  • Crowd Control Retractors
  • Food Equipment
  • Hinged Handles/Grab Bars
  • A/V Access Covers
  • Stowaway Drink Holder
  • Appliance Levers, Lids, Covers
  • Marine Hatches & Latches

REMINC – Genuine Licensed Products

EFC’s partnership with REMINC and their licensees provides EFC customers a full range of licensed products of thread-forming fasteners to the Automotive and Industrial markets.  REMINC licensees and  EFC International with their global presence, mitigate risks within the supply chain to consistently provide high-quality parts.  The patented products are made to the same technical specifications to assure consistent assembly performance world-wide.

When considering buying the product cheaper, remember that value is provided in not only the licensed products, but in the form of application engineering, technical assistance, quality, inventory management, and other solutions.  There is always a cheaper product, but at what cost?

EFC’s engineering and R&D team will work together with you on your specific fastener and joining challenges to save assembly costs and provide enhanced performance.

Browse REMINC’s extensive catalog here.


REMINC - thread forming, vibration resistant fasteners

Memorial for Doug Adams

Doug Adams

Doug Adams - Founder of EFC International

We are deeply saddened by the passing of EFC founder, fastener industry entrepreneur and pioneer Doug Adams. Doug passed peacefully at home among his family on December 8, 2020. Doug was a larger than life and one of a kind individual, well known and respected throughout the fastener industry for more than 50 years. Beyond his entrepreneurship, Doug was an avid artist, biker, designer, fisherman, art collector, pet lover, boater, philanthropist, husband, father, and grandfather.

Doug established EFC in 1983. Prior to that, Doug was involved in the fastener industry as a manufacturers representative known as D.F. Adams & Associates dating back to 1968. Doug was very proud of EFC’s growth and expansion over the years and he leaves a tremendous legacy of passion, commitment, ambition, and vision for the world of fastener distribution and engineering.

Doug leaves an indelible mark on the fastener industry. Part of his pioneering was establishing EFC as one of the first fastener distributors specifically focused and dedicated to highly engineered fasteners and branded product lines, and intentionally building a sales team of engineers capable of design and innovation.  Doug’s contributions to the industry are widespread, including his part in the creation of what a “Master Distributor” can evolve into, customer and supplier partnering, and one of the earliest adopters of visionary technologies that are now widely utilized across the industry. Doug was recipient of many fastener industry awards over the years, but what he was most proud of in business was the growth he enabled for customers, suppliers, the company, and employees.

Doug will undoubtedly be remembered for his boisterous and energetic personality. In a room of a thousand, you always knew Doug was there or he would eventually make sure you knew. More than that, people will remember his passion for the industry, his brilliant mind, his unique perspectives and his generosity to causes dear to his heart. His legacy on the industry will endure and we celebrate his impact and memory. May he rest in peace.

EFC Makes MDM’s Top Fastener Distributor List

Each year, Modern Distribution Management (MDM) compiles an annual ranking of the top 150+ North American industrial, construction and commercial product distribution companies by revenue across 16 discrete product category sectors. Rank estimates indicate specific product category standing, but with current total company revenues. Once again, EFC has made the Top Fastener Distributor List!

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EFC Fastens Your Ride!

EFC Fastens Your Ride!

More than 80% of all cars and trucks in North America have at least one EFC part. EFC is the designated Automotive global distribution partner for all of the world’s most renowned automotive fastener manufacturers. Our engineering team is plugged into the best automotive fastener manufacturers such as ITW, ARaymond, Semblex, Lisi, and many more. Our engineering team is engaged with design review processes that can assist customers with design, prototypes, and testing. Check out more rides here.