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Partner with EFC International as your premier provider for specialty components and save significant costs. Choosing EFC as your source for engineered component parts results in savings that will foster increased profitability while streamlining your operations. You will also have access to products sold exclusively through EFC from world-class manufacturers like ITW Metals and ITW Plastics, Universal Metal and A Raymond Tinnerman. With EFC, less is more:

Reduce Transaction Costs

Map of EFC Locations

  • Fewer specialty component suppliers to deal with
  • Limited transactions (purchase orders, freight bills, receiving, etc.)
  • Less annual purchasing of specialty component fasteners
  • Minimize time for your buyers to spend on fasteners
  • Reduce payables
  • Decrease supplier invoicing
  • Consolidated freight
  • Inventory reduction; less holding costs

Optimize Sourcing

  • Through procurement time savings
  • Re-sourcing cost savings
  • Cost reductions thru EFC’s VA/VE initiatives

Streamline Information Management

  • Increase engineering support and fastener expertise
  • Gain local engineering and sales support
  • Proximity to inventory
  • Shorter lead times
  • Reduced freight payables
  • Fewer vendor payables

EFC International is not a VMI provider, however, EFC does deliver best-in-class service to our distributor customers who offer VMI.