80 / 20 Strategy

EFC’s 80 / 20 Strategy – How It Benefits our Partners / Suppliers

EFC partners with industry-leading ENGINEERED fastener manufacturer suppliers to build mutually beneficial businesses that truly complement and support one another.
This is achieved through the implementation of customized “Master Distributor” 80/20 programs with key partner suppliers, thereby providing a Supplier Value Proposition (SVP).

The many benefits to our suppliers included in our SUPPLIER VALUE PROPOSITION are:

  • ACCELERATED GROWTH & INCREASED PROFITABILITY – Enables the supplier to focus on the 20% of their business yielding 80% of their profits, resulting in accelerated growth & increased profitability
  • INVENTORY & SCHEDULING EFFICIENCIES – Transfer of carrying costs (inventory) & better visibility to production scheduling
  • REDUCED NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS – Significantly less transactions to process (fewer purchase orders, shipments, invoices, notifications, inquiries and quotes)
  • REDUCED CREDIT RISK – Fewer invoices to collect; and receive on-time payments from a financially sound company
  • JOINT SALES STRATEGIES – Joint initiatives on taking new innovative products to market; new business development
  • GREATER MARKET COVERAGE – EFC becomes extension of their sales force with connections to new & existing customers, territories & markets
  • CREATE NEW INCREMENTAL GROWTH – Through generating new business opportunities for their products in new applications at new customers
  • IMPROVED SERVICE – Improves the service levels, coverage & responsiveness to the customers
  • ELIMINATE IMPORT/EXPORT and INTERCOMPANY – Utilize EFC’s global locations as a preferred channel
  • ENABLES FOCUS ON THEIR BUSINESS – Enables investment (time, money, resources) to be allocated towards core business & strategic areas of growth