EFC Exhibiting at Global Lightweight Vehicles Manufacturing Focus


“The 3rd Annual Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Focus will be focused specifically on reducing the costs and shortening production cycles of manufacturing processes with an emphasis on multi material joining, forming and quality assurance for next generation lightweight vehicles. Key speakers this year include FCA US, Ford, General Motors and many more. ’’

The Most Practical Summit Bringing Insights Into The Latest Breakthroughs In High Volume Cost-Effective Vehicle Manufacturing

MITIGATE CORROSION FOR MIXED MATERIALS: Clarifying Which Corrosion Mitigation Techniques Are Being Effectively Used By OEMs To Maximize Joint Durability

ACHIEVE EFFECTIVE MATERIAL CHARACTERIZATION: Evaluating Properties Of The New Grades Of UHSS, Aluminum And Composites To Determine Their Influence On The Selection Of Multi-Material Joining And Forming Technologies

KEEP JOINING COSTS TO MINIMUM: Comparing The Cost Vs. Resistivity Performance For Laser Welding, Resistance Spot Welding And Structure Bonding For Dissimilar Materials Such As Diverse-Strength Steel And Carbon Fiber Composites

SHORTEN PRODUCTION CYCLES: Learn How OEMs Are Implementing The Very Latest Joining And Forming Methods To Drastically Reduce Production Cycles

MANAGE COMPOSITE PAINTABILITY: Optimizing Composite Properties Through The Processing And Forming To Maximize Part Paintability

EVALUATE REPAIRABILITY STRATEGIES: Assessing Joints And Material Reparability To Better Understand Vehicle Parts Lifecycle And Repair Costs

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