EFC International Donates Nearly $16,000 Worth of Technology

Boone Center, Inc. (BCI)—a nonprofit that improves the lives of adults with disabilities through employment opportunities—recently received a donation valued at $15,900 from EFC International’s St. Louis division. The company is a premier global provider of specialty engineered fastener parts including clamps, panel fasteners and specialty nuts.

The equipment includes 28 Dell desktop computers, two Dell laptop computers and 16 Surface Pro tablets with keyboards. The donation enables BCI team members to more efficiently provide real-time documentation. The tablets, which will allow data entry during safety walk-throughs, provide continuous on-site technology accessibility to ensure overall communication. BCI uses SETWorks, a cloud-based system that specializes in disability service agencies and supports its employees’ specific personal and work-related needs.

“I’m so very glad that the equipment is providing substantial value for BCI,” said Reid Krueger, Operations and Facilities Manager at EFC International. “I’m proud that I was in the right place at the right company to be able to steer this technology to one of the best places I can imagine to donate it to.”

“We will use the donated desktop computers to complete our Windows 7 computer phase out project,” said BCI Information Analyst Nikki Weiss. “All the desktops that EFC International gave to us are very efficient Windows 10 machines. We had originally budgeted replacing only five machines per quarter, so this donation created a huge cost savings for BCI.”

EFC International Donates

Pictured from left to right are BCI’s Elizabeth Dulle, Lead Employment Support Specialist (ESS); Bridget Jeep, ESS; Jenn Braden, Organizational Employment Manager; and Dan Luaders, ESS.

For more information about BCI, visit www.boonecenter.com/