EFC Supports Boone Center Inc With New Vocational Skills Center

Recently, EFC had the opportunity to support the efforts of Boone Center Inc (BCI) with a donation of IT surplus equipment. This donation will save substantial expense for Boone Center Inc (BCI) and enable them to better move forward with the development of their new and very important vocational training project.  Boone Center Inc (BCI) is in the process of opening a crucial new facility to assist adults with disabilities to achieve their career goals. The project is the Boone Center Inc (BCI) Skills Center https://skillscenterstl.com/.

Boone Center Inc (BCI) History

Several years ago there was a publicly funded program that interfaced with the school districts to assist and support adults with disabilities graduating from high school (as one example), to find and hold employment in the real world workplace. After a long fight that program was eliminated, leaving a heartbreaking number of disabled adults, and local high school special education departments, without options. It’s known that for these exceptional people who want employment and a productive career, the prospects are poor without this kind of proactive assistance into the workplace.

After researching and listening, Boone Center Inc (BCI) has taken action. Their new Skills Center effort is a first-of-its-kind vocational training center, designed around providing real situation training for exceptional adults. They are partnering with local businesses interested in supporting the disabled community, in a way that will better ensure success for both the employer, and the employee.

Helping BCI to complete this wonderful plan is truly uplifting, and EFC can be proud of the part we’re supporting the success of the BCI organization.

efc - boone center inc donation