A World In Motion

We are excited about the addition of gas springs (also known as gas struts, gas pistons, pneumatic springs, or gas shocks) and dampers to the EFC product line.  For controlling motion Gas Springs are essential components in the automotive industry and a wide variety of industrial applications.

Lift Gas Springs.  Most commonly found on the hatch back of a car or SUV. A gas spring functions in a compressed position.  By compressing the rod into the tube, the nitrogen gas within the tube is also being compressed. As the space within the tube is reduced, the gas pressure to rises, which leads to the storing of energy. Once actuated, the gas spring then assist with the movement of an object, such as lifting the hatch back door for a car.

Dampers. Dampers are designed to control speed & motion determined by the quantity of hydraulic oil within the tube. Dampening can be set in either extension, compression, or both directions.  A damper is commonly used in applications where a cover opens down ward and controlled motion is required.

Tension/Traction Gas Spring. A Tension gas springs works in an opposite manner as a lift gas spring, it functions in extension.  The operator “pulls” the rod from the tube, as the rod is “pulled” the nitrogen is compressed causing the gas pressure to increase, storing the energy. Once released the energy reacts compressing the rod back into the tube.

Common Applications:


  • Bus and Truck
  • Marine
  • Aerospace
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles

Off Highway

  • Farm Equipment
  • Riding Mower
  • Construction Equipment


  • Bank Machine
  • Computer
  • Copiers and Commercial Printer


  • Tool Box
  • Tanning Bed
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Dumpster

For any installation situation – door, lid, cover, etc., let us work with you to provide just the right control and motion with competitive pricing for gas springs.