ARaymond Hose and Tube Clips

Electrical systems – fastening and assembly solutions.  EFC’s strong partnership with experts in electrical systems like ARaymond, allows our customers access to plastic and metal fastener solutions designed specifically for electrical systems.


EFC offers robust cable and tube fasteners providing improved security, performance and retention.  Modular swivel clips feature male and female parts in combination to create tailor-made fasteners.  The added swivel function means that the clips are compatible with multidirectional mountings, parallel cables and multiple routing.  A wide range of cable and tube holders made to fix one or more wires to a panel covering all common diameters and a wide range of panel thickness with different anchoring systems like studs, holes or panel clips.  Mix and match to create your ideal solution.

Corrugated hose clips are designed for placement around corrugated tubes of wiring assemblies to prevent fasteners from moving along wiring bundles.  We also offer low profile clips designed for space saving and mounting clips that can be easily opened for temporary access/removal and closed again to secure the conduit.  Engine or exhaust applications– – we also offer metal clips manufactured for high temperature performance requirements.

Contact EFC to optimize your production line’s efficiency with ARaymond’s robust, vibration-free fastening solutions!