EFC Implements Outbound Autocapture Portal Prototype

EFC Implements Outbound Autocapture

Photo from the debut of the Autocapture Portal. Pictured is EFC President Matt Dudenhoeffer shaking hands with EFC Intern, Cameron, who developed the device.

The recently implemented “Autocapture Portal” operating in the St. Louis warehouse is a great example of EFC Redefining The World Of Distribution. The project was imagined by members of the IT and warehouse departments due to difficulties moving pictures into SAP for documenting export shipments. College intern and son of an EFC employee, Cameron, performed the majority of developing the program through fabrication of the device, programming, coding, circuitry, assembly, installation, testing, and validation. The Autocapture project will lead to improvements in warehouse automation.

This project and the portal itself will lead to improvement in warehouse automation. It solves issues by providing efficiency and improved flow of information flow to several departments. How? As a pallet is passed through the Autocapture Portal, the pallet tag is detected, and triggers the device to take photos of the pallet from 7 different angles and even a photo of the loaded truck! Each set of photos is uploaded in SAP and attached to the respective delivery.

Solutions Realized:

  • Consistent, reliable image capture of completed order condition of outbound pallets
  • Proof of heat treated stamp for customs clearance on export deliveries
  • Photo matching the carrier and pick up time with the pallet/delivery capture information
  • Confirming the status of each delivery in SAP, including automatically posting goods
  • Time savings for warehouse staff
  • Quick reference access to shipment documentation for sales, logistics, quality, etc.

EFC: Redefining The World Of Distribution!

EFC’s Autocapture circuit board proudly features the company logo.