EFC International Will Help You Choose the Right Clamp!

EFC International Will Help You

Worm Gear: Inexpensive and lightly constructed clamp for general purpose automotive and industrial applications. Generally used in applications such as air and fuel lines.  They work fine while you are ironing out details of your system.  Hi-Torque is the strongest worm-gear clamp and features all stainless steel construction; an inner liner is also available. https://www.efc-intl.com/products/efc-clamps/worm-gear-clamps.htm

T-Bolt: Performance-engineered for long-term durability and a wide variety of applications.  The standard hose clamp used on intake hoses throughout the industry.  Very high holding power.  A wider band provides for superior system stability.  Thicker metal in the band means higher strength and longer life.  The only disadvantage is a narrow range – you must have the correct size in order for it to work properly. Fully lined. Medium cost. https://www.efc-intl.com/products/efc-clamps/t-bolt-clamps.htm

Constant Torque:  A breakthrough in clamping technology.  A Belleville spring mechanism automatically increases or decreases the clamp diameter due to changes in operational or environmental temperatures to eliminate “cold flow” leaks.  Widely used in air-to-air after cooler systems.  Wide range and fully lined.  Automotive, Heavy Duty and Industrial applications.  Complex construction means higher cost. https://www.efc-intl.com/products/efc-clamps/constant-tension-clamps.htm

Spring-Loaded:  A constant tension clamp with a spring designed for a variety of automotive, industrial, and marine applications.  Maintains uniform and constant tension for fluctuation on hoses.  Largely super-ceded by newer constant torque technologies but still widely used.  There is a narrower range compared to constant-torque and less capability to handle rapid pressure spikes and slowly losing tension in the spring over time.  Fix tension easily by adjusting the clamp periodically. Their ability to compensate for the expansion and contraction of hoses and fittings due to temperature is about the same as constant-torque.  Most are floating-bridge type using a trunnion-style bridge, which keeps the clamp aligned during tightening and tightens more evenly around the entire diameter of the hose.  Available with standard and heavy duty springs.  Medium-high cost. https://www.efc-intl.com/products/efc-clamps/t-bolt-clamps.htm

V-Band: Provide fast, secure high-strength coupling to connect flanged joints.  V-Band clamps enable industries to meet exact requirements in Aero-space, industrial, automotive, heavy duty and marine.  Typical V-Band applications are turbocharger connections, Diaphragm pumps, ducting, air, and exhaust, pool/spa filters and pumps, food processing/dairy equipment.

Marine Grade:  EFC has stock on clamps perfectly suited for the marine and irrigation industries with high-grade materials in 316 stainless to combat corrosion from saltwater.  Features:  1-piece tubular housing (nonwelded) for maximum strength, smooth I.D. reduces hose damage and maximizes conversion of torque to clamping force, rolled edges protect hose from abrasion, and available in 10 mm and 12 mm bandwidths.    https://www.efc-intl.com/products/efc-clamps/worm-gear-clamps/clamps-worm-gear-marine-embossed-german-multi-range-9-12mm-wide-all-316ss.htm

Still not sure which clamp to use, EFC’s clamp experts will help you get the right clamp for the job with a simple phone call!