EFC Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Steve Gaddy, Quality Control Manager for EFC, is pleased to announce we completed our transition and are ISO 9001:2015 certified!  All USA based offices and warehouses came through without a single finding – a great testament to the entire EFC Team.  At EFC the absolute highest level of quality is our only level of quality.  EFC employee’s dedication and our partnerships with peerless manufacturers, including but not limited to, A Raymond, ITW, Sherex, Heyco, Atlas, Oetiker, Stanley, AVK, Universal, Semblex, and Norma assures customers of the highest quality in both service and products.

World-Class, Premier, Expert, Best, Unprecedented, First-Class, Elite  – the use of these words mean nothing unless the customer experience has been associated with it.  There are levels of service at everyone’s place of business and if you’re selling the same product,  the level of service, quality, and accommodation will only make the difference.

“The way you control your inventory, (SAP and Barcoding) and the way you monitor your processes, (Metrics Data) are second to none….the reason you (EFC) are where you are today.”

EFC International’s Quality Certification document can be found here for download/viewing.