Swing Couplings from EFC Provide Increased Safety and Ease of Use While Saving Energy and Money!

EFC provides safe and high quality swing couplings for hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, gas, chemical fluid and water applications. The swing couplingsSwing Couplings are manufactured with the latest technologies to provide production methods that achieve efficiency, increase plant safety, improve productivity and save costs for industrial connections.  Check out some benefits below:

  • Increased safety. Safety features allow for safe connections and disconnection without pressure, kickback, or fear of hose whip typically experienced in standard coupling use.  Pressure is always automatically off during the coupling process. These safety features have made the swing coupling a favorite of assembly workers, manufacturing engineers and plant safety committees.
  • Easy to use. Designed to replace most standard couplings. Quick connection and disconnection are simple without line pressure or air loss in the system. The coupling swings easily into a locked position, letting the user know that the coupling has been completely connected or disconnected.
  • Saves energy and money. Check valves used in standard couplings restrict airflow resulting in pressure drop and increased compressor energy consumption. When using compressed air operated equipment in conjunction with swing couplings, the result will always be a method of operation which is more efficient with low energy and consumption, making it very economical.

Compressed air is the typical manufacturer’s most important utility. Pneumatic tools and controls, air cylinders for machine actuation, product cleansing and blow-offs each use compressed air. Without a consistent supply of quality compressed air, a manufacturing process can stop functioning.

Even small leaks can lead to big losses and can also cause serious accidents. It has been shown that in the case of compressed air, leaking couplings account for an energy loss of 8-15%. If water or oil are leaking, there are obvious signs, however, compressed air is not so obvious unless it’s too loud or blowing the skin off your face. It can leak forever and not directly affect anything but cost!