EFC Accelerates Growth Into Mexico

EFC International, a leading supplier of engineered fasteners, with their corporate office in St. Louis, Missouri, continues to expand their global presence with the establishment of their office and warehouse in Mexico, EFC Global, S de RL de CV.

“Our recently established legal entity and operations in Mexico, including a warehouse in Querétaro, outside sales engineers, customer service and support staff in Mexico, enables EFC to enhance our service level in the region. We’re able to respond more quickly and hold inventory in closer proximity to our customer base. We also are positioned to act as a key channel partner into Mexico for our strategic partner suppliers. With our locations in the United States, Mexico, Germany, China and South Korea, EFC truly has become a global leader in the supply of engineered fasteners and components. EFC enables multi-national OEM customers and suppliers to utilize our services on multiple continents, taking advantage of our global network to mitigate supply chain risks and improve local service,” said Mary Becker, Vice President of North American Sales.

Expanding its global footprint and investing in key strategic global markets, EFC ensures both supplier and customer needs are met. EFC’s robust international growth is a tribute to the EFC team and to the strong international reputation of the world-class manufacturers who they have partnered with. These partnerships ensure customers receive the high-quality service they’ve come to expect from EFC – anywhere in the world.

EFC International is a leading supplier of specialty engineered metal, plastic, cold-formed, spring steel stampings, electrical and assembled component parts to the OEM and Distribution market places.

EFC Accelerates Growth Into Mexico

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    Buenas tardes,

    Soy Kumiko Kobayashi de HIS GIRAS INTERNACIONALES, S.A. DE C.V

    Me comunico con ustedes de parte de mi jefe.

    Nos gustaría buscar una nueva empresa de outsourcing sin depender de la fabricación de China.

    Queremos un fabricante que se dedique a la fabricación de cables y arneses (un paquete de cables múltiples).

    El cable se quiere realizar es el siguiente:

    * Esquema de cable.

    4pin, la imagen es de 5 metros.

    image (2).png

    Es un cable que conecta un monitor al asiento del conductor de un camión / remolque y una cámara en la parte trasera, y los conecta. El cable corre afuera del auto.

    Las especificaciones de este cable son

    * 1C

    Si es posible realizarlo, nos gustaría saber cuántos pueden producir o desde cuántos es posible realizar la compra.

    Me gustaría agradecer a una empresa que puede crear arneses si es posible.

    Quedo al pendiente de su respuesta


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