EFC International Acquires Technology Components Southwest

EFC International, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Texas-based fastener distributor, Technology Components Southwest (TCS). EFC is one of the leading engineered fastener distributors in the U.S. The acquisition, along with other future targeted acquisitions, is part of EFC’s plan for regional/global expansion, market diversification, and enhanced product/service offerings.

Technology Components Southwest, LLC was formed in 2004 after acquiring the sales and distribution rights for Rivetnut Products in the Southwest region of the US and Mexico border, including maquiladoras. Since then, TCS has added numerous strategic product lines that are some of the most recognized and respected worldwide manufacturers. TCS Partners, Jimmy Brown and Tom Buddenbohn, stated that “EFC’s global footprint, differentiated value proposition, strong brand recognition and unique business strategy creates an exciting opportunity for our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. We are proud to become part of such a world-class and successful organization.”

EFC has locations in St. Louis, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Guelph (Ontario), Querétaro (Mexico), and Shanghai (China). Matt Dudenhoeffer, CEO/President of EFC, notes that “TCS’ location and presence in the Southwest expands our coverage in that region thereby enhancing our ability to service customers with local engineering support and inventory. The newly combined entity will benefit from numerous synergies that will accelerate growth as well as strengthen the value we bring to both customers and suppliers throughout North America and globally.”

EFC International Acquires Technology