EFC International Launches Power BI, Linked to SAP and CRM

Engineered fastener and components distributor EFC International continues to “Redefine the World of Distribution”, exhibited in part by the company’s recent implementation of Power BI (from Microsoft) which is linked to their internal SAP operating system and their CRM software.

EFC has always been at the leading edge of the industrial distribution industry, embracing and implementing advanced innovative technology and digital transformation.

Matt Dudenhoeffer, CEO, stated that “EFC’s recent implementation of Power BI provides our Executives, Engineers, Sales Managers, Salespersons and Business Development Team with a powerful business analytics tool that provides real-time interactive dashboards customized to fit our business strategy and performance metrics in all areas of the business. Our SAP and CRM systems have always been incredibly versatile and useful in enabling customized reports and detailed data for our suppliers and customers at the click of a button, and now we can take that a step further with interactive visualizations through a simple interface.”

This is just one of the advanced systems that differentiates EFC. EFC was one of the first distributors in their market space to implement SAP, which was accomplished in the year 2000. “We were ahead of our largest customers and suppliers, most of whom have subsequently converted to SAP in recent years. We were also an early adopter of CRM. Our entire organization across the globe is integrated and running on these systems, including our recent roll-out of Power BI”, said VP of Operations, Tom Mansholt.

EFC International is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, premier global provider of specialty engineered fasteners including plastic injection molded parts, spring steel stamped fasteners, hose clamps, panel fasteners, routing components and a vast breadth of numerous other engineered components. A proven market leader in assembly innovation, EFC offers the most comprehensive line of specialty metal, plastic and electrical components for the automotive, industrial and distribution markets. EFC services the market through regional field engineers, customer service departments and warehouses located in each region, enabling customers to receive local support and supply from within each region.

EFC International Launches Power BI
EFC International Launches Power BI
EFC International Launches Power BI

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