BigHead’s® TwinDisk®: Efficient fastenings for composite panels and structures

The use of composite panels and structures in the Aero, Auto, Marine, Construction, and other core industries is growing rapidly. These new materials – utilizing carbon fibre, GRP, glassfibre, thermoplastic, wood, and alloy outer skins – are typically bonded to honeycomb, block, foam, or solid core materials.

BigHead® has supplied its unique thin-head fasteners to industry for 40 years. A technical partnership with Caparo Vehicle Products has now provided the composites know-how to perfect an entirely new, high-performance fastener for composite materials. The 316 stainless steel TwinDisk®, with its simple, strong design and unique BigHead® weld technology, provides a rapid and efficient fastening point anywhere in a structure. BigHeads’®own BigBond® adhesives complete the system; for maximum strength, the 2-part FS Acrylic version is recommended for all types of composite materials.

The TwinDisk® has two heads, or disks, joined by an internally-threaded collar or a threaded stud. A hole is drilled into the panel, adhesive applied, and the TwinDisk® is pushed into the cavity. The bottom disk is glued to the bottom skin, and the top disk to the top skin (rebated or surface-mounted). Tensile, shear, and lateral loads are efficiently transferred to both skins. Male versions are supplied with adjustable top heads, fitting depths from 5mm to 100+mm. Threads are M4 to M16 (male or female). Head diameters are 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm; other sizes can be supplied.

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