Clamps, Clamps, and More Clamps!


The most popular types of clamps for hose/tube, wire routing and affixing.

Regardless of your application – hose/tube, wire routing or affixing – there are numerous types of clamps to fit your application solution.  Many of these types of clamps appear in EFC’s on-line engineering guide (Encyclopedia of Engineered Components), specifically in our clamp “book” found here.  The most popular clamp types include constant tension, crimp style, cushion/routing, worm-gear, T-bolt and V-band.

Constant Tension clamps come in various styles (CTB band, screw-drive w/ spring element or belleville washers, or with traditional springs).  Constant Tension clamps enable spring-action to ensure a “constant tension” to prevent hose leaks due to pressure changes or thermocycling.

Crimp Style clamps include ear clamps that require an “ear” to be pinched to install.  Advantages include ease of installation, tamper proof design, concentrated seal compression and are ideal for hard-to-seal applications like molded plastics and automotive applications.

Cushion and Routing clamps include metal “P clamps”, with or without a cushion, for affixing hose, tubes, pipes, cables or wire bundles.  The clamps are affixed typically by using a bolt.  Other types of routing clamps include both metal and plastic clamps of varying styles and designs for affixing or routing cables and wire bundles.

Worm-gear clamps are extremely popular as they can be removed or adjusted after installation and typically just require a screw-driver to install them.  They come in varying styles for numerous application solutions.  Worm-gear clamps can accommodate a range of diameters, which is a major benefit.

T-Bolt clamps are often used for heavy duty / high strength applications.

V-band clamps provide a secure connection and positive sealing for “coupling” together flanged joints.  Available for high torque and with quick latch options.  These clamps are often used in heavy-duty diesel engine exhaust and turbochargers.

For more information, or to explore any of these types of clamps (and others), please visit the clamp section of our website here.


ARaymond Hose and Tube Clips


Electrical systems – fastening and assembly solutions.  EFC’s strong partnership with experts in electrical systems like ARaymond, allows our customers access to plastic and metal fastener solutions designed specifically for electrical systems.


EFC offers robust cable and tube fasteners providing improved security, performance and retention.  Modular swivel clips feature male and female parts in combination to create tailor-made fasteners.  The added swivel function means that the clips are compatible with multidirectional mountings, parallel cables and multiple routing.  A wide range of cable and tube holders made to fix one or more wires to a panel covering all common diameters and a wide range of panel thickness with different anchoring systems like studs, holes or panel clips.  Mix and match to create your ideal solution.

Corrugated hose clips are designed for placement around corrugated tubes of wiring assemblies to prevent fasteners from moving along wiring bundles.  We also offer low profile clips designed for space saving and mounting clips that can be easily opened for temporary access/removal and closed again to secure the conduit.  Engine or exhaust applications– – we also offer metal clips manufactured for high temperature performance requirements.

Contact EFC to optimize your production line’s efficiency with ARaymond’s robust, vibration-free fastening solutions!



EFC Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification


Steve Gaddy, Quality Control Manager for EFC, is pleased to announce we completed our transition and are ISO 9001:2015 certified!  All USA based offices and warehouses came through without a single finding – a great testament to the entire EFC Team.  At EFC the absolute highest level of quality is our only level of quality.  EFC employee’s dedication and our partnerships with peerless manufacturers, including but not limited to, A Raymond, ITW, Sherex, Heyco, Atlas, Oetiker, Stanley, AVK, Universal, Semblex, and Norma assures customers of the highest quality in both service and products.

World-Class, Premier, Expert, Best, Unprecedented, First-Class, Elite  – the use of these words mean nothing unless the customer experience has been associated with it.  There are levels of service at everyone’s place of business and if you’re selling the same product,  the level of service, quality, and accommodation will only make the difference.

“The way you control your inventory, (SAP and Barcoding) and the way you monitor your processes, (Metrics Data) are second to none….the reason you (EFC) are where you are today.”

EFC International’s Quality Certification document can be found here for download/viewing.