Shake, Rattle & Roll!

Do You Have Joint Challenges – vibration, loosening, heat, etc.?  ITW Shakeproof developed the BosScrew™ to meet the challenge.  The unique thread form works directly with the creeping aspect of plastic to interlock with the boss. The BosScrew utilizes standard head diameters and has the highest drive-to-strip ratio in the industry.  This is the maximum performance fastener for most plastic applications.


  • Reduce parts in an assembly – no more inserts
  • Permits the design of shorter bosses – save material
  • No spring components needed in the jointShake, Rattle & Roll™
  • Savings in service issues due to fasteners

BosScrew Success:

  • Automotive – center consoles, seat tracks, fascia bracket, door zone, grab handle
  • Small Engine – carburetor stud
  • Heavy Truck – air deflector
  • Construction – weatherstrip to door
  • Lawn Mower – handle assembly, clutch assembly
  • Furniture – church chairs

And we’ve got them in stock. Leave Shake, Rattle & Roll to Bill Haley and his Comets!