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Product Description

J-Type U-Nuts press easily into a self-retained position over panel edges or in center panel locations. They are ideally suited for blind assembly or hard-to-reach installation. They offer floating alignment to speed production and lessen rejection. No special tools, skills or equipment are required. Riveting, welding, clinching, staking and other secondary fastening devices are eliminated.

Features & Benefits

U-Nuts can be applied after painting or porcelainizing panels, eliminating the need for masking or re-taping operations. The short leg provides complete visibility of the clearance hole while nut is being positioned.

MATERIAL: Spring Steel

*If you need assistance exploring optional materials, finishes and/or assemblies, please contact EFC International at 800-888-3326.

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EFC Part Number Screw SizePanel ThicknessHole DiameterLengthWidthDesign Variation
1160035-06Q8A0.036 / 0.050.2180.420.69ADKF
01096011-00Q6-320.045 / 0.0620.1870.630.31AE
01449101-01Q6B0.032 / 0.0350.1870.360.31A
01133030-01Q8A0.032 / 0.0380.2180.680.41AEKN
01098017-01Q8A OR B0.045 / 0.0620.2180.860.41AE
01020040-01Q6-320.032 / 0.0350.1870.380.31A
01075031-00Q6B0.016 / 0.020.1870.370.31A
1097036-00Q8-320.045 / 0.0620.2180.870.41AE
1018002-01Q8A OR B0.032 / 0.0510.2180.480.5ADF
01095036-01Q6-320.025 / 0.040.1870.470.5ADF
01097002-00Q6A OR B0.045 / 0.0620.1870.810.31AE
01098005-01Q8A OR B0.025 / 0.040.2180.680.41AEN
01069008-06Q4B0.02 / 0.030.1940.380.31A
01096044-00Q6A OR B0.025 / 0.040.1870.810.31AE
01031010-00Q8-320.032 /
01023017-01Q8A0.115 / 0.1280.2180.630.44E
01158046-01Q6A0.125 / 0.1450.250.490.5DF
01097006-00Q8-320.025 / 0.040.2180.530.5ADFN
01039026-24Q8A0.045 / 0.0620.2180.490.5ABDF
01096023-01Q6-320.045 / 0.0620.1870.810.31AE
01070011-00Q6B0.041 / 0.0510.1870.360.31A
01024034-01Q8A0.032 / 0.0510.2180.490.5ABDF
01126038-19Q8A*0.06 /
01026019-00Q6-320.041 / 0.0510.250.50.5AF
01035045-24Q6B0.025 / 0.0320.2180.490.5ABDF
1097025-01Q8-320.045 / 0.0620.2180.680.41AEN
1134039-01Q8A OR B0.045 / 0.0620.2180.490.5ADFM
01096007-00Q6-320.025 / 0.040.1870.630.31AE
01025044-01Q6A OR B0.1 / 0.1150.250.630.38E
1098013-01Q8A OR B0.025 / 0.040.2180.870.41AE
01087042-00Q6-320.02 / 0.0260.1870.340.31STANDARD
1096033-01Q6A OR B0.045 / 0.0620.1870.470.5ADF
1012011-00Q8-320.04 / 0.0510.250.490.5AF
1151022-00Q8A0.12 / 0.130.2180.630.44E
01096028-01Q6A OR B0.025 / 0.040.1870.470.5ADF
01097020-00Q8-320.025 / 0.040.2186800.41AEN
1154046-00Q8A0.05 / 0.0650.2810.770.44AD
01345022-24Q6-320.067 / 0.080.1870.7950.312A
01168012-01Q6B0.068 / 0.0740.2180.440.33AF
1086040-00Q8A0.032 / 0.0640.2810.770.44AD
01090554-963Q6-320.045 / 0.0620.1870.470.5ADF
01035026-00Q6B0.028 / 0.0320.1870.390.5AEFG
01035036-01Q8-320.094 / 0.1020.250.630.38E
1098009-01Q8A OR B0.045 / 0.0620.2180.680.41AEN
01096020-00Q6-320.025 / 0.040.1870.810.31AE
01155039-01Q6A OR B0.168 / 0.1980.2180.570.38E
1097012-01Q8-320.045 / 0.0620.2180.520.5ADFN
01097041-01Q8A OR B0.025 / 0.0450.2180.530.5ADFN
01069009-00Q6-320.02 / 0.030.1940.380.31A
1096042-00Q6A OR B0.045 / 0.0620.1870.630.31AE
1117019-01Q8A OR B0.023 / 0.0510.2180.480.5ADF
01096039-00Q6A OR B0.025 / 0.040.1870.630.31AE
01097033-00Q8-320.025 / 0.040.2180.870.41AE
01082020-01Q8A0.075 / 0.10.2180.630.44E
1169034-06Q6-320.125 / 0.130.1710.350.5F
01035031-00Q6B0.094 / 0.1020.250.630.38E

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