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NUTS – Acorn Shaft Retainer, Self-Threading

Product Description

With a Self-Threading Acorn Shaft Retainer, there is no thread to find and no binding from dirt or damaged threads. Because of their prevailing torque, these fasteners provide excellent vibration resistance. Stud materials, which must be appreciably softer than that of the fasteners, include die cast zinc, aluminum, molded plastics, steel and brass.

Features & Benefits

Self-Threading Acorn Nuts are available in 3 sizes, and are turned onto non-threaded projections or studs. These fasteners eliminate the cost of cutting threads and the problems of cross-threading. They permit simpler, more economical and ultimately better designs. They are available in 2 different styles and varying sizes to meet your needs.

Note: An Integral Sealer is also available. Please contact EFC International directly for information.

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EFC Part Number Thread Stud Rod or Wire Size - IN (MM)Hex Width Min - IN (MM)Hex Width Max - IN (MM)Across Corners Min - IN (MM)Across Corners Max - IN (MM)Hex Height - IN (MM)OVERALL HEIGHT - in / mmMaterial Thickness - IN (MM)Material
02P612001-11Q1/8 (3.18).306 (7.77).312 (7.93).348 (8.84).360 (9.14).093 (2.36).265 (6.73).016 (.41)Carbon Spring Steel SAE 1050

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