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BENERI® RETAINING RINGS - Heavy Duty Axially Mounting, External for Shafts

Product Description

External Retaining Rings for Shafts are safety elements for axially mounting universal use. Retaining Rings can transmit considerable axial loads between the element of the device which exerts the force and the groove in which the ring is assembled. Once the ring is assembled in the groove of a shaft, the portion of the ring extending beyond the groove surface holds an assembly in place, even under loaded conditions. The 2160-5160 family of EXTERNAL, AXIAL MOUNT Retaining Rings are rated HEAVY DUTY (for greater thrust loads) and available in shaft diameter sizes between .394 and 2.000 inches, and groove sizes between .362 and 1.880 inches. Ring thicknesses are between .035 and .125 inches.

Additional Dimensions: See image(s) for reference; dimensioned print available upon request.

Material: Standard SAE 1060 (C60) for Sizes 39-87; SAE 1074 (C75) for Sizes 98-200
Finishes (Surface Treatments): Phosphated; additional finishes available upon request
Packaging: Loose (bulk), small box, large box, roll-packed

Features & Benefits
Sizes 39-6230NHRC 49-54
Sizes 66 and UpC47-52

Cross References: Do you have an existing retaining ring? EFC can provide cross references to most major manufactured brands.

Assembly tools and other information are available upon request. EFC offers a complete and comprehensive offering of retaining rings for shaft and bores, external and internal, in both INCH and METRIC sizes. Hundreds of different sizes and styles are available by contacting EFC International at 1-800-888-3326.

For below table (*) indicates alternate groove variations are available.

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EFC Part Number Ring NoShaft Diameter (d1)Diameter (D2)Width (m)DepthFree Diameter (d3)Thickness (s)StyleMaterial
17B100015-01660.6690.6290.0560.020.6160.05No beam (shoulder)Carbon Steel C60
17B100016-01750.750.7040.0860.0230.6890.078No beam (shoulder) (*)Carbon Steel C60
17B100017-01980.9840.9250.0860.02950.9060.078With beam (shoulder) (*)Carbon Steel C75

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