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CLAMP - CONSTANT TENSION - Standard Spring Band 8.4mm

Product Description

Spring Band Clamps are self-tightening, sealing elements made from tempered spring band steel offering a high level of flexibility to ensure reliable, leak proof connection of a hose to a fitting.

  • Re-torque and re-adjustment are not required after installation.
  • Maintains constant tension throughout all pressure and fluid systems of almost any application.
  • Leak-proof solution for applications, ranging from -40ºF - 392ºF

The standard Spring Band Clamp can be installed with pliers. Other tools specifically designed for the safe and efficient installation of the Standard Spring Band Clamp are also available.

Advantages of the Spring Band Clamp compared to a typical screw type clamp include:

  • Self-tensioning sealing component which always produces sufficiently high sealing forces
  • High-tensile alloy spring steel 51CrV4 with a high safety towards brittle fracture especially at low temperatures
  • Environmentally-friendly surface protection with a distinctive corrosion resistance and 100 % Chrome VI free
  • Leak-proof immediately upon assembly in all systems with liquid and gaseous media
  • Assembly advantage to simple, safe, quick, and cost-efficient handling
  • Temperature range from -40°F up to 392°F

Features & Benefits

The original SBC (Spring Band Clamp) standard HC88 is the basis norm for many SBC standards or specifications such as DIN 3021.

Material & Finish
Material is alloyed, high-tensile, spring steel (51CrV4), heat-treated (1.8159 DIN EN 10132-4 / ASTM J404 6150m).
Finish is a multilayered chrome (VI)-free coating containing zinc.

High quality standards enable these Spring Band Clamps to be accepted by all renowned automobile manufacturers. Auto system manufacturers and the hose industry, as well as more leading industrial companies and manufacturers use this type of connection. With an almost constant clamping force, standard Spring Band Clamps continuously adapt to the changing characteristics of hose and fitting. Consequently, they ensure non-leakage sealing at temperature ranges from approx.– 40 to +180° C (-40 to + 350° F).

Some of the areas of application where Spring Band Clamps are used in automobiles:

  • fuel
  • return line
  • charge air
  • power-assisted steering
  • air intake
  • heating
  • thermostat
  • cooling
A typical screw type clamp does not compensate for temperature and pressure changes and can allow a joint to leak or even "blow-off." Spring Band Clamps are the standard used by all major automotive manufacturers globally for sealing coolant connections.

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EFC Part Number Min. Clamping Force (N)Width (mm)Nominal diameter (DN) (mm)Assembly Range (mm)
15M1150802H1808.411.511.2 - 12.6
15M0900802H8.498.8 - 9.6
15M0950802H1808.49.59.3 - 10.2
15M1050802H1008.410.510.2 - 11.3
15M1250802H808.412.512.2 - 13.9

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