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CABLE CLIPS with TIES - Edge Biters and other assemblies

Product Description

All Cable Clips with Ties are manufactured out of high quality nylon or acetyl materials and are available in assorted tube diameters and bundle sizes. These components accommodate a wide range of tube or wire bundle diameters. Wire management solutions combine cable tie straps with additional features to attach to panels or other components.

Edge clips, also called “Edge Biters,” are assemblies designed specifically to route bundles by securing them to the edge of a plastic or metal sheet or panel without a mounting hole. The clip secures easily and extraction force is high due to an integrated metal clamp that holds the edge clip in place. Edge Biters are available in a variety of configurations and designs.

Features & Benefits

Mounting features include fir trees, darts, edge biters and other assembly options - all provide self-retaining features for ease of assembly and quick installation. Tensile strength of the bundle approximates 45 pounds minimum; recommended tightening load should not exceed 28 pounds.

Edge Biter Clips and Cable Ties Assemblies

  • feature an easy-to-install fastener without the need for a mounting hole
  • offer low insertion force with high extraction force
  • allow the mount to slide into a position that ensures proper orientation

When holes are not acceptable and adhesives may fail, the Edge Biter Clip is the perfect solution for fixing and bundling cables and wires. They are widely used in many industries including automotive, trucking, heavy equipment, solar and wind power, and white goods equipment manufacturing.

For information about EFC wire management solutions, click here, or contact an EFC Representative at 1-800-888-3326.

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CABLE CLIPS with TIES  - Edge Biters and other assemblies
EFC Part Number Bundle DiameterPanel ThicknessLengthMaterialStyleType
46T00092-AHS031.2" (31).039" - .117" (1-3mm)5.9" (150)-FT50ROSEC10
46T156-008671.8" (45).039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)-ET50ROSEC9
46T156-005391.8" (45).039" - .117" (1-3mm)8" (202)-AT50REC4A
36P5000133-PA6602---Nylon 6/6--
36P5000130-PA66031.0 - 40.0.70 - 4.0-Nylon 6/6--
46T156-008601.8" (45).039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)-AT50ROSEC4A
46T00085-971.8" (45).039" - .117" (1-3mm)8" (202)-DT50REC5B
46T156-008741.8" (45).039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)-GT50ROSEC21
36P5000131-PA66031.0 - 40.0.60 - 3.0-Nylon--
46T00098-AHS031.2" (31).039" - .117" (1-3mm)5.9" (150)-ET50SOSEC9
46T156-008771.8" (45).117" - .234" (3-6 mm)7.9" (200)-LT50ROSEC23
46T156-008641.8" (45).039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)-CT50ROSEC5A
36P2000132-AHS038.0 - 33.0.8 - 6.0-Nylon 6/6 HS--
46T156-00874T50ROSEC21.039" - .117" (1-3mm)7.9" (200)G
46T00085-97T50REC5B.039" - .117" (1-3mm)8" (202)D
46T00200-PA6603.20-2.0.12-.24 (3-6mm)8"NylonT50R0SEC24

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