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RIVET NUTS - BCT® Technology for Irregular and Oversized Holes

Product Description

BCT® Rivet Nuts by BBA Fastening Systems offer Bulge Control Technology (BCT), a patented solution to control where the bulge forms when these rivet nuts are installed. This innovative technology creates the first rivet nut with optimal fitting for irregular and oversized holes.

BCT Rivet Nuts are significantly stronger than standard ones. They provide safe, secure riveting in carbon fiber and composite material structures.

Features & Benefits

BCT Rivet Nut technology is available in Multi-grip, High Strength (Grade 12.9) and Short Version styles in steel and aluminum. BCT Rivets Nuts are also manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel for fastening into carbon fiber and composite structures and for highly corrosive applications.

BCT technology offers uses for automotive applications where regular rivet nuts are unable to meet the necessary standards.

EFC is a provider of BCT Rivet Nuts in North America. Our in-house product expert, Tom Buddenbohn, welcomes your questions regarding this product. For more information, please contact Tom at 800-888-3326.

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RIVET NUTS - BCT® Technology for Irregular and Oversized Holes
EFC Part Number Screw SizeGrip RangePanel HoleMaterialFinish
06B000003-100XM6 X 19.50.5-6.09mmSteelZinc Nickel
06B000005-154M6 X 19.50.5-6.09mmSteelTin Zinc

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